Sorry. I'm new here, but I'm already confused.


Why are people arguing the existence/non-existence of God? Honestly is anyone aware of an online conversion being made? In either direction? Has anyone EVER said, "Oh wow, I guess you're right. So there really is/isn't a God."?


To me it makes more sense debating the existence of Santa Clause - which is supported by a great deal more physical evidence. At least I've SEEN Santa Clause.


It seems that engaging in such arguments actually adds strength to theist perspectives because a logical argument should assume a reasonable basis on both sides. Whoever has the best case or makes the best argument wins.


Are there any sound logical arguments in support of God? I assume not. Why then do we argue with people who are not swayed by certainty?


More broadly, why are we here (at TA).

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Personally I take that as a win, since these days I'm mostly brow beating them about trying to put their faith into science class rooms.
That's pretty much exactly how I felt when I started this thread. I've definitely changed my mind. As some said (paraphrasing) "if their only defense was 'it's a matter of faith', they may well go to bed and reflect on that and start to question their faith".

Why argue?


First, it entertains me.


Second, it enlightens me.


Third, it can contribute to enlightening others, including the person I am having the discussion with, and onlookers. I don't know about any deconversions, but progress is made quite frequently.

Apologies if this answer has been posed, but I didn't read the nine pages of responses.


It's been my feeling that for every participant in such arguments, there may be an additional ten lurkers or on-lookers who never participate.  I think it's often those lurkers that may be the most influenced by rational explanations and criticisms and logical arguments.  They're the ones who are doubting and searching for answers.



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