I would like to hear different people's answers to this question. What caused you to become an atheist and what prompted your shift in views? I'm simply curious. 

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So here is my question: You say you are an atheist because you accept reality and the universe. Does this mean that because I believe differently, I do not accept reality? 

You said it, not us...

If you understand what reality IS, rather than what you 'want it to be', then you may begin to question many things regarding your beliefs and your beliefs in Christianity / Jesus / God / Miracles / Holy Ghosts / Virgin Births / The authenticity of the Bible / etc etc

It's all a house of cards.  If you believe in magic and miracles, then you can get yourself to believe anything.  If you don't find any evidence for magic or miracles, then one begins to assume they don't exist..

So if I am understanding this correctly, you believe that my faith has impeded my ability to understand reality? 

If you want my honest answer, my answer is yes, I believe it has.  

This does not mean that it has prevented you from EVER understanding reality, but that is in a block in the path to discovery.  

I think all Christians should research the counter arguments to their faith position.  Research it a lot.  If it's true, then the research should do nothing more than solidify your personal view, no?  

And I don't mean reading Christian views who speak for atheists.  I mean read atheistic literature.  Watch a lot of debates too because for me, those are more engaging and fun.  Just type in 'religion debates' in you tube and you can find tons of them.  

Well in a way, haven't I taken that first step by asking these questions?

yes, but the stair case is very long.  Very very long....and you have taken only the first step as far as I can see.  ;)

Well then, I would hate to disappoint.

I was a devout believer for many years. I watched Zeitgeist and started thinking. :) Then I saw a funny George Carlin video (Religion is Bullshit) and started to realize how silly many of my beliefs were.

The other big factor: All of the suffering and disasters around the world. If there is a god, He is not a loving Father, at best he just doesn't care.

Finally I read Hitchens, Dawkins and Sam Harris: My mind was made up. I'd been duped for 40 years and I'm glad I finally saw the light.

What aspects of Christianity do you find "silly" ?

I think a better way to phrase the question is: 

"What aspects of Christianity do you NOT find to be silly?"

I would have an extremely difficult time answering this question.  The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is a sense of community.  Most Everything else is basically silly.

Please elaborate if you feel so strongly on the matter.

Just because you believe something as 'factual' doesn't mean you 'feel strongly' about it.  

Some people don't argue their points based off how strongly they 'feel', but how rational and justified their position is.   

What you could do is list 10 things that you find to be not silly about Christianity and then I would tell you if I think any are not silly, how about that?  


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