I would like to hear different people's answers to this question. What caused you to become an atheist and what prompted your shift in views? I'm simply curious. 

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The book of numbers helped a lot.

I read the bible at a very young age and shrugged off a lot of what it said and continued to believe. I found that I was very interested in space and cosmology. So I began reading. I had read many science books and learned much about our cosmos and with some knowledge under my belt about our natural world. I decided to read the bible again, and I found many factual errors and began to ask questions. At that point I became a deist, lest I may go to hell. The idea of hell haunted me for a long time and I had a rough time shaking it off. Instead of trying to think of god, I started thinking about his supernatural aspects. The more I learned, the less supernatural god seemed to become. After shaking off the idea of hell, I hovered in agnosticism for a while until I rationalized the improbability of god.

And here I am, a baby eating, venom spitting, amoral, arrogant and sinful atheist.
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What is a constract?


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