I would like to hear different people's answers to this question. What caused you to become an atheist and what prompted your shift in views? I'm simply curious. 

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I'm an atheist because God made me this way.  Obviously.

I became an atheist the second I realized no self-respecting loving god would create this hell hole called earth. Okay, maybe it is not a hell hole for some people, but for many it is.

Before then, I tried hard to hang on to my faith. It took a lot of mental energy to constantly deny the contradictions of such a god existing. Eventually I wore down to the point I no longer had the strength go keep fighting the obvious. 

So, if I understand this correctly, believe that the nature of God conflicts with reality? 

Yes. Especially the contradiction that people hold the idea of a good god allowing evil. A good parent will protect their child from harm, not send them in the way of it. That's what your concept of God does - he creates beings and sends them to earth which is a terrible place for lots of them for lots of reasons. 

You believe that your God is good, yet he allows infants to be raped and killed by adults, for one example. I can no longer reconcile these two ideas. 

So do you believe that what you have said is the full extent of my belief?

Yes, and please, by all means, correct me if I am wrong.

This may be one of the few instances I shall say this, but you are decidedly wrong. My beliefs are much more in-depth than that. So rather than give you the same information you have undoubtedly heard before, allow me to ask you a question and learn from your beliefs. 

Do you believe, based purely on your hypothetical previous concept of the Christian God, that because he allows humans to suffer, he cannot be all-loving?

Yes, but for clarification, when I say suffering, I mean intense suffering and not just for humans, but for all creatures.

You know blake...for instance, an 8 year old who is put into sex trafficking and is raped daily by men who most likely are giving her diseases as well?  

Or is that not 'suffering' to you?  Where is the FREE WILL there for the little girl?  Should she just say 'Hi sir, could you please not rape me this time?  I would love to exercise my free will and ask you to stop raping me.  Thanks.'  

So how is this 'all loving' for God to 'allow this' to happen?  To millions if not billions of humans in the history of the human species and billions if not trillions more of animals ripped to tiny pieces and shredded into writhing bloody messes while still kicking and screaming?  

So what you are doing is creating your own definition of 'all loving' and disregarding the concepts of 'all loving' that we can in fact study here on earth.  

The most loving parents in the world would allow their children to play in the middle of the road during traffic?  Would they say 'Oh sweety, it's so cute when you don't look both ways when you cross the street - oh how I love to allow you your free will!'

Do they allow their children to play with fire?  Do they allow their children to go near deep water without knowing how to swim?  

Could you elaborate on how allowing humans to suffer in any way is also 'all loving'?  

He not only allows people to suffer in their mortal life, he makes them suffer in the after life too. What kind of "all-loving" being tortures his creation for eternity simply for not believing in him, despite offering no evidence whatsoever for its existence?

I was an angry ex-Catholic for many years, just trying to ignore religion. But as we know, it can't be ignored. As my kids grew older & encountered religious types in their own lives, I didn't have what I felt were good enough answers to their questions. Thus began my studies and the more I learned, thought, debated and wrote, the clearer it became until the dusty old mind shackles of my indoctrination fell apart. I not only came out as an atheist, but I formally renounced the Catholicism that was forced on me as a child and got my baptismal record back.

So im short, I'm an atheist because I accept reality, the natural, wonderful universe we're privileged to be alive in.


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