Hello to all.

I can think of some possible answers to that question such as:

1) atheism requires no reason since it posits nothing extra,

2) scientific facts and theories provide support for atheism,

3) I've had a bad experience with theism so I am repelled by it,

and my own reason is:

4) my intuition tells me that atheism is true.


How about you?


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Insufficient evidence has been presented to convince me that a god, any god, exists. Similarly, I don't believe in unicorns, leprechauns, or the tooth fairy.  There's not even enough evidence to place the existence of a god as a probability. As a possibility, it may exist but is so low as to be completely dismiss-able until new evidence is presented.

I just don't believe in a god, period.  

Everything GM said, oh and just that the "bible god" is such a trivial wanker.

I am an atheist because there is no god!

Why? Explain.

I am an Atheist because I lack the ability to swallow without question. I think the pivotal point in my life was seeing a local news story about parents refusing to give their child medical care because it was against their beliefs!! WTF?? How do you get to that point where they were?? Watching their child suffer because of what they we told....  I can't just chalk things up to...."It's in HIS plan!".....WTF....No..sorry....I can't be that person. I would go to the ends of the universe for my 2 girls...and no man-made deity would prevent me from doing that. Plus, where I live...there is such ARROGANCE.....snobbery when it comes to the church community....with them. it doesn't matter if you are a good person. After they introduce themselves, their first question is..."Which church do you belong to?"........ I always think to myself..."Oh, boy! Here we go!"....

No evidence of a deity.

Physics, what a concept.

The mental illness of believers.

Once you've stolen the fruit, given to a Christian Statue, renamed after an African god, and, after eating it, not fallen on the floor writhing in pain it's pretty clear that it's all bullshit… I was ten.

I am (2) & (3) mostly, but add 'want to have a nice day, damn you!'

im not stupid or gullible enough to believe in god and magic with zero evidence to support their existence.

if something exists, evidence of its existence will exist.

if something does not exist, evidence of its nonexistence will not exist.


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