Why are we (U.S. citizens) leaving the Haitains to rot?

I have been reading the January/February edition of Mother Jones and it has literally made me sick and super sad (forelorn).  I can't seem to shake the nausea that came with the story about Haiti.

It is a fucking rape colony now - with no end in sight.  Mind you, Haiti wasn't a pleasant place to live prior to the earthquake, but jeebus dog almighty, it's a fucking horror show now.

Where are all the good xtians, especially catholics, that do such good "works" for their lord now?  Why is it that you can't tell anyone has been there to do a goddam thing since the quake hit?  They don't even have actual tents to live in.  Have you ever seen those blue tarps people use to cover their boats and shit?  That's what they have to call home....and when it rains, and it rains all the time, they just slip and slide right out of those hovels.  The whole place smells like human feces and urine because it's not safe to even use the portapotties they have set up.  The women and children have to bathe in public waters.

Where are the xtians fucking morals and ethics now??????

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Where are the xtians fucking morals and ethics now??????


A better question.  Where were they before?

Indeed Dustin...great point.


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