Why are the only miracles considered for catholic sainthood always unexplained healings?

It's interesting that the only miracles offered by the Vatican for consideration of sainthood are medical in nature. Are there not other areas of human experience that warrant inclusion as a full blown miracle? With our increasing scientific understanding of physical phenomena, including the medical field, is it not becoming more difficult for the Vatican to offer instances of legitimate miracle happenings? With over a billion followers worldwide one would think that such miracles were more commonplace. In the case of medical miracles it has to be asked why so few seem to be granted when we know that millions pray unsuccessfully daily for their sick and dying loved ones, or themselves. The occurrence of miracles seems arbitrary at best. I would suspect that most claims lack credible evidence, especially outside the realm of instantaneous medical healings. As science advances our understanding, the consideration of miracles seems to be increasingly less relevant or valid.


At the Vatican, potential miracles are vetted by a team of specialist doctors, who are called to determine whether a miraculous healing can be explained by modern medicine.

“But medicine becomes more complex and advanced by the day, so it’s possible to make mistakes,” cautions the Rev. Peter Gumpel, a Jesuit expert who has worked on saints’ causes for more than 60 years.

Today, unexplained healings make up about 95 percent of church-certified miracles. But it has happened in the past that what was considered a miracle has been later explained by science.

For Gumpel, by looking only at physical miracles “the church ventures in a field that is not its own.”

He says that the church could look for God’s intervention “in the many spheres of human experience” beyond medicine.  -http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/16/saint-miracles_n_3600402.html

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Just once I'd like to see as one of those medical "miracles" something like a woman grows a new kidney or a man's severed artery mysteriously closes up.

Evidently even miracles have there limitations......


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