I feel compelled to point out something very obvious that everybody seems to be missing. 

But lets start at the beginning where every good story should start. In the past few years more and more right wing religious leaders seem to be jumping on the Gay bashing band wagon. These people seem to be getting more and more vocal and more and more media coverage. 

Perhaps its time we stopped listening and took a moment to think about why? 

Lets look at the real threat of Homosexuality toward Christianity. Does it look like homosexuals are ever going to be able to do anything to change Christianity and its core beliefs? 

It certainly doesn’t look like it to me, so why are these people so focused calling out homosexuality? 

I’ll tell you why: 


But why do they want to distract us? Lets look at the reality. 

There are very many serious issues that these super rich Christian organizations could address and actually do something about. 

For instance Child Poverty and Starvation.
Did you know that One out of every eight children under the age of twelve in the U.S. goes to bed hungry every night.  (source:http://library.thinkquest.org/C002291/high/present/stats.htm ) 

This is of course a real problem that these super rich Christian Churches could immediately resolve. They have more than enough money to feed these children so why are they not doing it?

 Surely that is exactly what Christ would expect them to do? 

In fact they have more than enough cash to make a big difference in the fight against child poverty world wide. This is what Christianity is all about isn’t it?

And there are many other things they could help with too. Providing better and free education, free medical services for those in poverty and so on. The list goes on and on. 
The needs of the less fortunate should be something every true christian aches to fulfill and I always thought that was what Christianity was all about so what is going on here? 

Again the answer seems obvious: 
These kind of Christians are not really interested in what Christ would want them to do, they are only interested in keeping hold of and getting more money.

So they take the focus away from their Satanic selfishness by calling out the homosexual community for living exactly as God (Yes I know he does not exist) intended. They encourage prejudice and manipulate the public focus drawing it well away from their own shortcomings and placing it directly onto the homosexual community.They know they will get called out on this stuff, but that’s the point.. 
While we are all focused on how terrible the things they are saying about one sector of society are we are not focused in how they are totally failing as Christians in the really important areas of society and so we are not calling them out on this

So next time you are unfortunate enough to hear one of these offensive hate speeches instead of calling them out about what they just said try responding with something like this:
“You tell us feel that homosexuals should be ashamed of their behavior, but don’t you feel that, as a leader of a Church that receives millions of dollars of donations every year, you should be ashamed that you have done absolutely nothing to help feed the one out of every eight children in the US who  currently go to bed hungry every day? Do you think Jesus would be proud that you are so focused on hate when you could be saving children’s lives? Why have you done SQUAT about these desperate starving innocents?” 

Do it in person, by letter, in email or any other way you can think of. Write to TV stations and churches and so on. Make the tactic of distraction fail and at the same time help stop the persecution of the gay community while also helping to improve the lives of thousands if not millions of children. 

Perhaps if enough people do this it might eventually change the world for the better or at least shut up these homophobic bigots. 

I must point out that this post is just my opinion and has nothing to do with this website.

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Was true for me, at least as regards sexual identity.
They did a study on this a few years ago that showed that there was a pattern of people who were passionately anti homosexual displaying more prevalent homosexual tendencies in their anonymous exam.
Can you find a link to that?
you make some strong points. I think your right about the disgust issues. Rev. Ted Haggard would concur too I think.
It's pretty week science... since erection is a function of blood circulation, I fully expect rage and disgust to raise blood pressure enough to impact penile circulation temporarily...

If this is all we've got to go on, I'd say that myth .... is busted!
This is my feeling on the matter, too.
Fundamentalists believe God's word is inviolable. If God's word says that homosexuality is an 'abomination", then there's very little wiggle-room left for your typical fundamentalist to fool with. Other considerations might, in some way, be used to support the fundamentalist point of view but they will surely ignore anything that contradicts God's word.
Yes, but God condemns and prohibits a lot of behavior in the Bible that Xians don't worry too much about these days. Women speak in church, Xians eat shellfish, Xians have sex when a woman is on the rag, Xians don't pay their employees daily, Xians don't kill their children when they disobey them, etc., etc., but they always seem to find excuses for why clear prohibitions should be ignored in these cases. Why the fixation on homosexuality?
I don't disagree that fundamentalist are anti homosexual, I just think they use that as a smokescreen to cover up their anti Christian actions.
Christians are anti-gay because of a few things.

1.) Mistranslations of Bible stories, such as the story of Sodom, lead people to believe that God has this extreme hatred of homosexuals.

2.) This is perpetuated by the 'naturalist' sort of Christian belief that sex is a tool for procreation, but in its purpose is itself sacred and holy because of its direct tie to the ability to create (this is a very soft implication of man's own likeness to God).

3.) They believe that gay relationships violate this sacred connection to creation because no creation can come of it. The body becomes an empty vessel for sin, for pleasure with no objective behind that, and that violates core principles in the religion. However, this doesn't explain why infertile couples are still permitted to have sex in their religion, when that sex is purely for pleasure as well.
Mistranslations of Bible stories, such as the story of Sodom, lead people to believe that God has this extreme hatred of homosexuals.

The writings of Paul (such as Romans 1) are pretty clearly vehemently anti-homosexual. This is not a case of just mistranslation (although there's that, too).


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