This is not simply from personal observation but from statistical studies that women are far less likely than men to be atheist. I wonder why this is and wanted some of your opinions??

I don't mean to jump into some stereotypical conclusions so I wanted to see what others thought. One thought that jumped to mind is maybe one factor may be the fact that women are more emotional creatures and use more of the emotional centers of their brain than men? And we know one powerful component of religion is not due to rational factors but to emotional factors..

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The reason I am an atheist is because I am a woman. I believe that all religions are oppressive toward females.

I do think this is true in many situations, and I think it has a lot to do with familiarity. 

In regards to things like religion and abusive relationships, often the propaganda, threats, brainwashing, etc. leave individuals feeling like an alternative could ultimately be just as unfulfilling or dangerous (if not more so) as these situations themselves.  You throw in the fact that the alternative is something unfamiliar, and it starts to seem like even less of an option.


Yeah I would agree with that. My personality is VERY strong and my mom raised me to be outspoken in my beliefs.
I feel like I could NEVER handle unwarranted beatings or insults thrown at me. I'd turn around a whoop his a** 

It's not strange... it is the very nature of oppression. We can see a similar situation with Blacks, Latinos, and Indigenous. It is easy to step away from floozy wishy imaginary gods, it is much harder to step out of 3-4 millennia of oppression

Men operate from a more logical way of thinking. Women in trust their feelings. If you ever talk to religious people you realize its all about how they feel about this or that. "I don't like to think that people evolved from apes." Its all about emotions. Women are on a more emotional wavelength. 

One of the initial goals of religion was to subdue women... so it should come as no surprise... that more women than men have been subdued. Religions, whether based on sky gods or earthly gods, were very successful in this matter. For a great many non subdued women in the past century, being a feminist and being atheist are often part of the same process. Atheist women are not only stepping away from gods, but also stepping up into independence.

Growing up in a very Christian home, us girls were taught to view Jesus as a knight-in-shinning-armor-type figure. He was our protector and our best friend when nobody else was there for us, our listener when nobody else was available or even cared about what we had to say. Jesus was also the ultimate father figure and care-giver. Basically, he was everything a girl could ever need in a man nomatter what stage of life she is in. I was even taught that Jesus was the "author of my love story" and that the only way a woman finds her soul mate is by trusting that God will bring you to him someday and you'll fall in love and you'll be happy forever and...blah, blah, fucking blah. Women are so much more driven by emotion and the feel-good delusions that they get lost in the fantasy world and, for many, once you've gone too far into Wonderland the very concept of there being anything but the supernatural is literally unfathomable.

Being the only woman in my family who is an atheist it is extremely difficult for me to listen to my mother, sister, aunt, cousins, and grandma's delusions about how wonderful Jesus is. And I get it; I've been there. It makes me sick and just awe-struck knowing that I ACtUALLY UNDERStAND where they are coming from... If there ever was a miracle performed by a diety it was my becoming an atheist.

it is emotion but...

(no offense to women)
Statistic show men are more likely to be thinkers than women and are more likely to look at religion from a skeptical view and try to prove it true or false, while women are more likely to be touched by Jesus and all of his kindness and god loving you with all of his heart.

(no offense to women)

Statistic show men are more likely to be thinkers than women

What statistics?  No offense to you, but that sounds like a load of made up bullshit.  

The important disservice this kind of statement implies is that it's an innate rather than a consequence of the objective of that very religion. In a hypothetical world where females had the brawn and invented religions in order (in large part) to subjugate males, it's the males that would have a hard time exiting religion.

Your "more likely" inadvertently (or on purpose?) implies 'nature', when in fact, everything in science points to this being a consequence of nurture... an extension of Stockholm Syndrome.

Highly functional female science academics usually perform just as well as the males... and notice that when interviewed, these particular females usually state that they were raised without constrained gender expectations. Early freedom of expression/opinion leads to equal brain performance. It is only time and pressure that can achieve equal numerical representation within society at large.

i'm a girl and i tell you that you don't need statistics
to notice this fact ;)
i think there is always a reason that deal with social issues
when talking about differencies between men and women.
i don't know if it's a matter of brain areas, but is a fact that
girls, since their childhood, are educated to obey without thinking,
and not to care about meaningful issues:
 they must leave them to men,
who will be "the brain" within the couple, and just think about becoming 
good housewives. 
i think this is the main reason for women usually are not
interested in thinking over philosophical
 issues and so on: they are simply not encouraged to do it.


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