This is not simply from personal observation but from statistical studies that women are far less likely than men to be atheist. I wonder why this is and wanted some of your opinions??

I don't mean to jump into some stereotypical conclusions so I wanted to see what others thought. One thought that jumped to mind is maybe one factor may be the fact that women are more emotional creatures and use more of the emotional centers of their brain than men? And we know one powerful component of religion is not due to rational factors but to emotional factors..

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Could be, Albert. I wonder if anyone has devized a way to tease out the two things?

Well they way I've always understood empathy vs. emotionality is that empathy is one's ability to recognize and respond to feelings in others and emotionality is a person's own emotions and how they experience them.

I think women and men score just about the same in terms of emotionality. That is to say that men and women experience similar emotions at similar frequencies for similar reasons. The only difference I am convince of in emotionality between men and women is in how each sex expresses/represses emotions. Women are more likely to outwardly express emotions and less likely to repress emotions due to culture. Men are less likely to outwardly express emotions and more likely repress emotions due to culture.

Studies seem to show that women as a group are slightly better than men at empathy. That is to say that women as a group are better at identifying emotions in others than men are. Although I have in the past seen studies that distinguish between types of empathy and say that men are better at some types than women. 

I think it's quite likely that these are learned characteristics. Women, specially when raised religiously, are taught to always 'read' their husbands needs without the hubby having to express them. You know that line? The best wife is the one that plants the idea in her hubby's brain, but he thinks it's his idea? Conventionally raised females are taught this skill at a very early age. I was never taught that skill because my parents didn't really believe in the 'women's place' or marriage...

yeah... the question itself already is geared up for the gender bias - you have to expect this ladies, its millenia of cultural dictates, no matter how nicely or seemingly objectively the question is put... it is how people subconsciously pat themselves on the back too.... AND sort of how religion takes a hold... same same..

I think it all has to do with how so far the social structure of human culture is shaped. We are still have very less female academics in lots of scientific fields. Women haven't yet believed in themselves fully and have not stood up to their rights. We are still stocked in a male dominated politics, science, society. Female movement needs the power from all underdeveloped countries to reach the total maturity. The signs are very hopeful and they are catching up. Thanks for the INTERNET and free flow of information. Soon atheist females will pass males. This is natural since religion and theistic ideas are all anti-women rights. Cheers.

I have always been interested in the Nature VS Nurture debate. I wonder which component this has more of.  I personally have always been accused of being a robot because I am too rational and refuse to accept anything on faith. I blame the way I was raised: godless and surrounded by books, with an Objectvist dad and a formally socialist mom.

Why are middle to upper class educated white males more likely to be atheists? Why are poor uneducated black females less likely to be atheists?

Seems pretty obvious to me. In general, the fewer chains you have to break, the greater your chances of finding your way out of ignorance and indoctrination.

If anyone has statistics on male vs female atheists in countries with complete gender equality (spoiler alert, America doesn't top the list), or black vs white atheist stats in countries with complete racial equality (spoiler alert, see previous comment), I'm betting those numbers are much closer than anyone with "it's biological" answers might think.

It's still a white man's world, especially in U.S. You're probably right about this,

I'm gonna have to agree that this has a lot to do with cultural aspects.  If you consider that it really is only in recent history that women have begun to be able to participate within social and political institution, have the right to an education, and the ability to voice their opinions, then I don't think it's at all suprising that women are less likely to be atheist.  I think it would be very hard to disagree that women have often been far more at risk of being condemned for not adhering to cultural beliefs.



Education normally removes the ignorance but indoctrination is a much tougher "nut to crack."

I throw my lot in with Jewelz' hypothesis.

you are 100% correct, it is because of women being more emotional than men (According to statistics and personality tests.)


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