This is not simply from personal observation but from statistical studies that women are far less likely than men to be atheist. I wonder why this is and wanted some of your opinions??

I don't mean to jump into some stereotypical conclusions so I wanted to see what others thought. One thought that jumped to mind is maybe one factor may be the fact that women are more emotional creatures and use more of the emotional centers of their brain than men? And we know one powerful component of religion is not due to rational factors but to emotional factors..

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This is interesting, as here I have found the reverse to be true. Maybe it is cultural?

Well, Helena, you can assume that almost everyone here is here because they are rational and relatively un-dominated by emotion.

Women live longer than men. Old women are stuck with the brainwashing. I think women are still in a relatively subservient position and are afraid to say they are not believers. Or they are more afraid of hurting their brainwashed parents by admiting. I'm sure you have a source for your statement, Sassan, but this is the first I've heard of this. / Jean

I think it does have to do with both emotions and education. . .

there is still an imbalance in the the ratios of women:men in math and science careers. . .I'd argue it's not just about the amount of education, but also the field in which one specializes . . .

Then why in Australia, are there more female atheists? Still reckon its CULTURAL.

Really? Australia more women are atheist?

That definitely would be key evidence that it is more likely more cultural. But anyhow, sorry I haven't responded to my own thread. Been studying for my finals this week. Off to bed and I will respond further to the other replies tomorrow.

Gnite :)

Clearly, women as a gender are more drawn to service professions than men are. Nursing, teaching, social work. None of them require strong math skills. Nursing is the most technical, involving a basic understanding of pharmaceutical chemistry and a strong understanding of biology.

Great topic, however we need to know more stats on this study. Country, age group, gay, straight, what's up?

Women are the more social of the two sexes. Our survival strategy and our strategy to ensure the survival of our offspring is about social connections. People who have good strong secure social connections in many ways are more successful and healthy than those people who have insecure and weak social connections. It's not so much the faith/belief part of religion that keeps women form being atheist. It's the loss of the social structure and community that religion so readily provides that keeps many women from being atheist.

I'd also like to add that I completely disagree that women are more emotional. Women in practically every culture out there are allowed more than men to show their emotions outwardly and men are expected to keep outward expression of emotions at a minimum. I don't think emotions are a factor in the number of atheist women.

Hate to feed stereotypes, but friends of mine who have been on HRT (male to female transsexuals) are both self-reportedly and observably way more emotional. Now of course, this could be due to psychological factors, but I think there may be a tendency for women to be more empathetic.

I think you (I, we all) have to distinguish between empathy and emotionality, the latter can easily be a display of self absorption. While women by and large do seem to be more empathetic than men, it may have to do with different neurophysiological strategies (there seem to be gender differences in levels of activation of different parts of the brain) and hence you may find there will be less difference in acting upon the recognition of other people's emotional stress as there will be in self reported emotional affliction by it.


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