I do not comprehend how so many people are deceived by the falsehoods and illogical fallacies of things they were told and believed immediately without proof or any hint of probability in the world in which we live, with the laws of nature and physics we have dealt with since our conception... 

Just because your parents and family think something is true and take things "on faith" does not mean it can be proven or holds any merit. Certainly the organizations formed around it have manipulated everything and brainwashed their subjects to believe in what can not possibly be real... 

But if you were to OPEN YOUR EYES and LOOK at what you are saying and doing and blindly placing your livelihood in the fashion of... You would come to realize the wasted time and effort and energy of millions of followers of the improbable and illogical book and church which you hold so dear...



WHY are you so resistant to facing reality and reason? WHY do you insist that your way is the only way and any variation of interpretation is evil? WHY do you persecute your fellows and support war mongers who seek only to profit from your suffering and brainwashed fanaticism?

WHY do so many of you still believe in a God or Jesus or Mohammed or Allah or The Bible or The Torah or The Quran? These legends have been stolen and manipulated for millennia from stories told by Egyptian parents to scare their children at night...

Myth does not justify mass murder in the name of the imaginary friend in the sky that you talk to...

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Horrible things done in the name of religion:
-- Looting of Babylon by religious fanatics, who destroyed "evil mechanisms and monstrous creations" of the Babylonians (as in Electricity, centralized plumbing and refrigeration, amongst other technologies fully in use in ancient times.)
-- The Crusades to the "Holy Land" wherein priests, knights, and peasants invaded, looted, raped, sodomized, murdered, and brought death to millions of innocent children, women, and men just because they did not believe in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
-- The Holocaust, wherein the devout and fanatical Adolf Hitler kissed the ring of the Pope and took the Pope's words of "Death to all Jews" to heart and brought death and destruction to Europe.
-- The American Indian Holocaust, which gave Hitler the inspiration for his Death Camps, based entirely on President Jackson's Reservation System. The Trail of Tears, which is a stain of blood on the face of the United States much ignored but never forgotten and impossible to wipe away.
-- Repeated invasions of the countries of the Middle East for religion and money and oil, regardless of how oxymoronic those are...
-- The attack on The World Trade Center and London Underground, amongst other Terrorist attacks by Islamic Radicals, who have skewed the peaceful writings of the Koran into death and destruction around the planet.
-- The blind dedication that the majority of the "Civil War" Southern States have toward the Republican Party, which has absolutely nothing to do with Religion, but still uses the symbols and names of Religion as a standard bearer while raping and looting every possible source of greed and economic improvement that this country so desperately needs...



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