Friends of the folks from the neighborhood came over this weekend, to swim, share food, talk up a storm and generally be the kind of folks you find in a neighborhood.

There's a neighbor who's about to be a third-time father and he looks to be no older than 26.  She looks a little older, but not much.  In my assholiness, I push the point and refer to her having her third child by 25, so she must be a quiverfull looney.  They don't laugh.  He explains, with scripture, that they are indeed breeding god's army.  There will come a day when his kids will lead the chosen to kill me and my kind.  My kind being rational people.

So I did the only reasonable thing I could.  I said nothing.  

Nope, that's not what I did.  I said.  "Dude, I'm an atheist and you're an idiot.  Do you believe in dragons and faeries and leprechauns as well?"  He looked at me like the idea of equating his magical space being with a short, green, comically-dressed mick was silly... and I should feel silly for suggesting it.

I tried to point out that there have been thousands of times as many species before the ones we know of today, and that implies an old earth... His answer was that everybody knows deep down that they're "from GOD" but some of us pretend to be atheists. Get that: atheists are not really atheists, because deep down we love god..."

I  have no plans to 'convert' them... but Mom thinks they're so cool.  Twenty somethings who listen to her!  Mom, they're fucking retarded!  My non-retarded friends have been listening to you for decades!

Just venting, I'll let you know when it all blows up.

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Do you realize how hard it would be to never make a mistake, if you were in that position?

If I was the son of god, or even claimed to be, I would put in at least a bit more effort than Yeshua seems to have.

So - he shot his mouth off and went over the top sometimes.  Give him a break.

Why should I give him a break? Would he give me a break? After all, won't we all be collected like a bundle of sticks and cast into a lake of fire?

It's enough that he exposed his soul to the world and it wasn't found wanting.

No, it's not enough. I don't give a shit how nice of a person a bronze age carpenter might have been on a good day when his legacy is one bathed in blood and suffering.

The only thing the people who wrote about Yeshua decades after his "existence" proved was that he was either delusional or insane. After all, what sane man kills a tree for not bearing fruit in off season, or tells slaves to pretty much be happy that they are slaves, or orders one of his goons to steal a donkey, even though stealing is bad and punishable by death.

Or were those just some more "slip-ups" from the perfect lamb.

I agree with everything you say, your highness (rather sudden elevation, wasn't it?), except that at that time, Tiberius was on the Imperial throne and Caligula was warming up in the wings - it was the Iron Age.

it was the Iron Age.

I stand corrected. A slip of the mind that will not be repeated. After all, I may be Emperor, but I am not god, and even he gets to fuck up quite often.

Speaking of Emperors, I'm reminded that Augustus (poison), Tiberius (poison), Caligula (more than 40 stab wounds), Claudius (poison) and Nero (stabbed) were all murdered? You might want to watch your back, heavy hangs the crown --

"I don't blame Jesus for getting a little bit military sometimes.  I'm a little bit military.  In this business, you've got to be."

You're in the messiah business?  You model your life on a messiah that has to get military because, presumably, his message isn't strong enough and he gotta cap some asses.  The central message of Jesus would be the stuff he said that made it into the bible.  If he said something worthwhile that didn't make it into the bible, either it wasn't worthwhile or the bible is bullshit. or both.  I'm betting "both".

The first Gospel wasn't written until 42 years after the principal character died - what does that tell you about the urgency of getting the story to press?

It makes me consider that someone or some group had 42 years to consider reviving the old Messiah myth from the Torah's Psalms and Jeremiah prophecy days, dust them off, and claim they came true, writing the stories to prove it, just as a group known as the Priestly Source, in captivity in Babylon in the 500's BCE, rewrote Genesis 1, to make their god more ethereal and less anthropomorphic than the god of the original Genesis 1, written by a group known as the Yahwist Source (Gen 1, then became Gen 2 - it was meant to be discarded entirely, but the publisher feared to do that).

The Bible has been manipulated to serve the needs of the powers de jour, for over 3000 years.

are you 100% atheist


in the "business?" jessy really was just some dehydrated crazy white guy wandering around the desert making up crazy shit.

Thanks for clearing that up Simon. :)

Jesus was White like Moses was Japanese.

I seen pictures...the dude was white. :D

...crazy white guy...

@Simon Paynton "Do you realize how hard it would be to never make a mistake, if you were in that position?"

Since there are real people who can manage to not advocate violence - admittedly very few but they do exist - then why can't a supposedly divine or semi-divine being accomplish this? What is his impediment?

The two most likely conclusions: (1) he wasn't divine, (2) he wasn't real.



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