Is it stated in the bible? I just wanna check this religious story out. Some people are so thick ay?

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I always wondered how long a 'day' was before the Earth sprang into existence.

Whatever God said it was, of course.

God carried a pocketwatch, silly!

Which reminds me that the Jewish calendar claims to be dated from creation, and it's presently the year 5774 (yeah by their reckoning even 6000 years is too much!)  The Byzantine calendar (used in Russia before 1700) would have it be 7522.  This article, about halfway down, lists a bunch of different estimates of when creation would have been IF the bible were true.

They range from 5537 BCE to 3760 BCE.  The Byzantine guesstimate of 5509 BCE is only 28 years shy of the maximum.  (There seems to be pattern that more recently-made guesstimates have a more recent supposed date of creation.)

To explain how some actually believe this, need we look any further than cognitive dissonance? Two (at a minimum) contradictory thoughts in one mind - Orwell's doublethink.

The year is 2014. This sort of stuff worked well long ago in little villages, but not now in the information age.

I believe I'm correct in saying that the Catholic Church waited until years after man landed on the moon to finally, embarrassingly concede that, yes we suppose the Earth does go around the sun and not vice-versa. They could have saved Copernicus and Galileo a lot of trouble if they didn't insist on being infallible, right?

@Andy Hoke - Does a tree falling in the forest make a noise if no one is there to hear it?

Likewise, is there cognitive dissonance if people don't let conflicting ideas bother them?

In classical psychology, cognitive dissonance is profoundly disturbing, but the whole thing about religious faith is to accept that you (the faithful person) can accept something which, factually according to science, is insupportable or even outightly false.

Noise and sound take place when a tree falls, as a matter of physics. We know this through reason.

The nature of cognitive dissonance is that a person is at war within themselves. Different things are true in your own mind, depending on the situation and listener. Sadly, much effort is wasted in the attempt to sustain the ridiculous version. It really inhibits reason and stultifies the species, wouldn't you agree?


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