Is it stated in the bible? I just wanna check this religious story out. Some people are so thick ay?

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It comes from starting with the birth of Jesus as a beginning point.  They then add up the ages of the characters given in the bible as most characters lineage and ages are given.  They then move backward from Year 0 (or 1BC /Ad if you prefer), add that to our current year in the 2000s and you end up with between 6000 and 10,000 years. 

The discrepency is because there are some gaps and so "educated" gusess have been made.

Some even have a specific date! Sunday, 23 October 4004 BC

The calculation was done by Bishop Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh, in 1658. By working backwards through the genealogy in the Bible, and correlating that with then known world events, he came of with a date for creation. This was Sunday, 23rd October, 4004 BC.

This date was later updated by Sir <something> Lightfoot, which actually gave a time for 9AM.

Sir <something> Lightfoot, which actually gave a time for 9AM

Greenwich Mean Time, of course.

Gobekli Tepe.

Yeah. A civilization twice as old as Egypt's or India's.

Today my nine year old daughter asked me if there were dinosaurs in heaven.

No. No cats or dogs or any other animals, either. They don't have souls, you see.

How about Neanderthals?

Have they accepted Jesus?

6000 years ago god created the universe, which came as somewhat a shock to the Egyptians and Mesopotamians.

I can remember years ago a TV program where a preacher SADLY tried to tell his viewing audience that T Rex was on Noah's ark. It gets worse when he explained that T Rex couldn't have been a carnivore because his front arms were too short.

We have work to do.

It gets worse when he explained that T Rex couldn't have been a carnivore because his front arms were too short.

Using the same logic, birds and snakes can't be carnivores, either.



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