Is the Trump presidency a Steve Bannon "long con"?

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"Who's really in control in The White House?"

The maid.

I was going to say the Butler

The group involved in Deep State which maintain the status quo.

We could also argue the slow changes made from the top take 10-20 years to really affect the nation. So, natural evolution is in control.

"So, natural evolution is in control."

Enlarging to an even grander scope, we coould say that entropy is the overriding force. But that also would heavily discount human social evolution itself as a significantly *emergent* phenomenon that may indeed naturally be very rare in the universe.

That woman's vocal style and hand gestures made this the most difficult video I have ever watched. -.-

I suppose it's possible, but one would need to show that Bannon is a sociopath (Trump's narcissism is evidenced daily) and that it is easier to con a narcissist than the average person. Personally, I think it's just opportunism on Bannon's part more so than a well thought out plan.

You are echoing my sentiments on the issue itself, as well as...including her presentation style.....but, her oversimplification of the narcissists/sociopath relationships was also a bit too much as well.

For example, while confirmed that SOME CEO etc, are on the sociopathic end of the spectrum, most are not, and, the track record of people who cannot produce catches up to them, and, sociopaths can project power and competence, but tend to not back it up with production of results.

Similarly, a company managed by narcissists would also have problems in production, as they may be the only ones rating themselves highly, and, they tend to be horrifically bad managers.

So, while its a nice simple linear hypothesis, it is deeply flawed as a "rule".

As for if a con can target a narcissist, and if the people who assumed they can't be conned are the easiest target for a con...which are both true, sure....that's well established.

The con doesn't need to be a sociopath though, to do that, any conman can...and, typically better.

Trump looks for loyalty, and, typically, you are for him or against him in his worldview.

To gain his confidence, all a confidence man needs to do, is be for him...and never against him...and appear to DO something Trump is in favor of, for him, like spin control, positive press, attacks on enemies, and so forth.

If the shit hits the fan and its Trump or his faithful allies, the spatter, historically, is the faithful allies being thrown into the fan...and Trump stays clean.

So, a mere opportunist with the impetus to go for it, is all it takes to be Trump's buddy...and being right or useful a few times, and you're his buddy with his ear.

A harem of sycophants makes Trump feel more like an oligarch, and, that feeling is what drives him...something Putin for example found a way to exploit too, etc.


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@The Hawkman:

"That woman's vocal style and..."

Thank you my friend for the all I need is a frontal lobotomy..........eeeeeeeek


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