I've got two: Bill Nye, and Brian Cox.

Bill, because I've had a crush on him since I was about 6 years old. He went from being my favorite kids show host to being on my favorite TV channel, the Science Channel. He's also just awesome.

As for Brian.... well, he's cute, a physicist (always an instant win in my book), and come on! That accent? Mop me off the floor why don't you!

Who are your geeky crushes?

Edit: this whole discussion is awesome. I guess I'm surprised that there are such a variety of crushes, but at the same time I'm not surprised.:)

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John Francis Daley (Dr. Lance Sweets) on Bones.....total hot nerd....

Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG-1, pre-haircut)


Seconding (thirding?) Jodie Foster's character in Contact.

Gil McKinney.


He plays Jack Kelso in the video game L.A. Noire. Even his animated character is hot. :-P



Edited to add: Gil is probably the me-being-a-geek crush. I'd probably go Brian May or Tory Belleci from Mythbusters for geeky people I crush on.

Does he have to be real?  If not, then Dr. Jack Hodgins, Entomologist on "Bones".  I like his looks, his brains, his acting, and that sexy twinkle in his eye.
I'm an old lady now.  May I be forgiven if I drop a name? Dr. James D. Watson, as in Watson, Crick, and DNA. When I got a job at the Harvard Biology labs, in the Entomology department, just out of High School, James Watson had a crush on me. He ungraciously sent one of his graduate students down to my lab, to ask me for a date. I refused to go out with him. I think he was married at the time. I didn't like his arrogance and cowardice in sending a messenger. He was 20 years my senior. And lastly, I had a boyfriend.  I feel like jerk saying this.  I never mentioned it to anyone before.
That's an awesome story. I mean, not awesome that you say he was arrogant, but that's a part of history you indirectly had contact with. Too bad he handled it all wrong. And was married.
He found you so attractive he would potentially throw away a perfectly happy marriage to be with you. Above all else, it sounds to me like perhaps the most honest compliment one can give. :)
Lisa Randall-hot and smart.
I don't know that he's considered a geek or made any geek-type contributions, but I have always, always, always loved David Bowie. 

1: Gillian Anderson (Scully) - X Files,

2: Dr Maryanne Demasi (PhD Medicine) - Catalyst science show on (Australian) ABC. 

3: Sally Dominguez (Inventor, Designer) - New Inventors show on (Australian) ABC.

4: Kari Byron - Mythbusters

5: Laura Dern - Jurassic Park



Sally Dominguez

Oh!  Who could forget the X-Files duo?  Both attractive folk.  Good call!

That's for all the Bill Nye fans out there. (I don't know how to embed a picture while on my tablet.)



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