I hate when believers say we need to shut up and not shove our beliefs down their throats. And most of us don't. But why do they say this and they have these car stickers and flood Facebook with it, preach it to us in school and all that shit. Any body else tired of it?

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Oh, that's gotta win the apt analogy of the week award... at least!

Well, not all Christians are doctors.

Who is tired of christians being such big hippocrates?

Well, are christians hippocrates?

From the 'inside' of their belief system it might appear to them that everything is good, no worries!

From outside, we are looking at their stuff through a lense of our personal experience, 'common sense', education, 'deep philosophical insight', historical understanding, and sarcastic humor.

If the theists keep their rose colored glasses on, they get demons, angels, spiritual warfare, guilt, sin, hell, meaning, validation, heaven, and eternal life. Seems like a full life! A little more drama than I would like though.

For us, we get a very big universe, big ideas, synthetic meaning, deep time, questions xN, the awareness of life with a short fuse. As I got over my catholic upbringing, this seems to be ok.

I figure that the theist questions just add to the pot, but they do start sounding the same after a while. I do wish they could find a nice way to get on with their lives, without being such 'used cars sales people' about it.

Sometimes it has been fun, but as I have matured, I really just want to tend my garden, and have many nice days before I wink out. If I stop writing, just assume that I won the Darwin award or got boored. Please plant lots of flowers in my memory. I so must dislike all the ugliness.

Religion--ALL RELIGION--belongs in the home and behind closed doors.  It should become a law that religious messages, advertisements, relics, and anything relating to any religion are banned from public view to provide an equality to all belief systems.  You can post your own feelings inside your house, on your own walls where I cannot see it, and nowhere else. This would please every other faith, but not those angry, arrogant, demanding, Christians!  They think they own the world and can make laws that require me to be quiet while the same law requires them to be loud and demanding. Yes, they are hypocritical!

Additionally, disallow all religious discourse of any type from public places so they cannot even speak about it where I may happen to hear it because I hate listening to those idiots rattle their empty heads at me in demand of something.  I have been kicked out of perhaps ten stores in my Texas city because I said the wrong thing or was honest about my religion when asked. Polite, smiling, friendly, but not exactly what they want in my religious choice, so i am TOLD to leave and never return.  JesusChrist can Christians get angry when you are not just as they demand you be.

I got disabled and stuck in Texas, but my home is Northern California. I'm old and I do not want to die in this horrible religious place surrounded with such profound ignorance and locked in place by the superstition that contains it. If i could find a way to borrow what it would take to move to my home, I would be so happy!  Both my wife and I came to Texas when disability forced a cheap place to live and we are miserable.  Two intelligent people locked in a heard of lemmings that are only searching for a cliff. We want out so we can enjoy our final years, but our savings have run out and our disabilities prevent our own physical action. This is the worst possible position for us and we have no possibility of home for the future. That is truly sad!    

I have been deeply offended by religious folks and their hippocrisy since I was 6 years old, many years ago.

But, the times they are a-changing. Secular folks now are one of the largest pluralities in the U.S.  When the size of the secular populace reaches the point where secular folks will be the main determinant of elections, product marketing, social acceptance, etc. then suddenly those religiously convenient will support secularism and lamely claim they have always been secular, but were forced by religious oppresion to support religiousness.

So, keep the faith brother, better times are on the way.

I think we might have to become more active against them. Supporting causes like Americans United for separation of church and state might lessen their numbers. Check it out at www.au.org

Bob, thanks for the posting, I joined the group.

I have the years wished I had something like the AU. When I have an 'issue', I am mostly standing exposed to theist deceit. and gang banging... 

They appear to be a great support group and present valid arguments against the usual BS that the forefathers founded the country on christian principles. I also think they help to smooth out the "freedom of" and "freedom from"religion thing by stressing the separation aspect.

Quite frankly, I think secularism is an unstoppable force and that organizations like Americans United simply stiffen rather than weaken the resistance.

Gosh, I didn't realize Christians were ancient Greek physicians.


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