So I have been thinking about this what makes one religion more insane than another one? Take for example, Scientology.

Scientologists ACTUALLY believe the evil alien ruler Xenu killed a lot of aliens (Thetans) from around the universe by bringing them to earth & blowing them up inside volcanoes. They believe the souls of these aliens (these souls are "Body Thetans") have attached themselves to us & cause many of our mental & physical ills. Members who know about Xenu will attempt to deny it or pretend like it doesn’t matter. They are required to sign a contract binding them to silence on the matter. Lower level members don’t know about Xenu & accordingly deny everything because they honestly don’t know.

To rid ourselves of "Body Thetans" & also “engrams” (past negative experiences stored in our unconscious mind) so that we can become “clear”, we have to go through "auditing" with a member of the “church” who uses an "e-meter" to measure our “reactive mind”...... & we have to pay lots & lots of money for “auditing” (purchased in 12.5-hour blocks, costing anywhere from $750 for introductory sessions to between $8,000 & $9,000 for advanced sessions) & to take courses on Scientology to advance to higher “levels” in the “church”. The “church” has also taken a very hostile stance towards psychiatry & psychiatric drugs irrespective of the fact that some people require medication to remain adequately functional in everyday life. They deny the reality of chemical imbalance & profound mental disturbance & accordingly do NOTHING to effectively stabilize the dangerously unstable. The “church” has been known to withhold prescription pharmaceuticals from member (with deadly results).

This may sound completely insane, but how is that more insane than a supernatural being that created the world in 6 days, creates two people who somehow populate the world, then this divine being floods the whole world killing everyone and everything except a man named Noah and his family and of course two of each animal (plus the others for sacrificing)they somehow go years without food or water and then when they finally land somehow Noah can evenly distribute every single animal to its proper location. Then they somehow repopulate the world and somewhere down the road God destroys the city that Lot lives in because there were no moral people there, then he asks Abram to change his name to Abraham, circumcise himself and everyone else (including slaves) then he asks Abraham to sacrifice his only son, but stops him at the last second (to make sure that he fears God) then down the road he leads non-existent Hebrew slaves out of Egypt by casting 10 plagues upon the people of Egypt (which there isn't any evidence of in any Egyptian record), those people then wandered the desert for 40 years and had bread fall from the sky (the mana) and never left a trace of physical evidence of ever being in Egypt or wandering in the desert. Then down the road God "makes" a woman named Mary pregnant with a son. This was supposed to be the son of God, but there are really no first hand accounts of this messiah, but he could heal sick people, make people's arms grow from stumps, walk through walls and buildings, turn water into wine, and rising from the dead.

I am really quite curious as to how any rational person could believe either one of these things, and how someone believing in one can call someone believing in the other insane! Someone please explain this to me.

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Sure you are, Steven.

Do you believe in Zeus, or Odin? How about Mithra, or Ra? You don't believe in any of them, do you? Then you're an atheist, just like me - I simply disbelieve in one more god than you do.

Anyway one of us is right and 1 day we`ll both get the answer,

Pascal's Wager, eh?

I doubt if he knows who Max Headroom is/was.

I rather liked the series, I thought it was an interesting concept and I liked the actor. I'm surprised it didn't last any longer than it did.

I was watching mmmmmmmm max when u had hair mate

I don't think even Max is THAT old!

@Steven Price

One of the things I'm really glad about is that if atheism is right, we won't both get the answer one day.  You see, if I am right, you will die one day fully believing that you are going to be with your god, and you will never have to face the possibility that you might have wasted your life with religion.  You see I don't want you, or any theist punished with such a revelation.  I'm glad that isn't going to happen.

Why am I glad?  Because I'm not unkind, and I'd rather have you spared that sort of regret.  And of course in my mind, I believe that when we die, that's it.  Just like I was before I was born.  The same completely painless nothing.

My way of believing is a lot kinder than yours, wouldn't you say?  You want us to feel remorse, and possibly punishment for not believing the things you believe, but I want you not to have any Grand Finale of sadness. I certainly wouldn't want to wish eternal pain and misery on you either.  So I'm quite relieved that as far as I believe, you will not have to face up to anything.  For me, it is sad enough that you are living in what I would call a delusion.  I wish nothing on you that might make that any worse than it already is.

you r so kind thank u 4 your kindness,I just think if God is then that God who could create the cosmos would know a lot more than u about kindness,you, you are your own god and I was  a passionate atheist until I met my  creator  19yrs ago 

And after that, Steven, did you ever get back on your meds?

BTW, how was old Zeus? Been a long time since he and I had a chat --

My shades? They're a Timbuk 3 reference ("The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades").

I like that!

what urges u to want to tell @3 billion people all their beliefs,hopes,security in an afterlife is wrong,why does it bother u ?

Because if they realized that this is the only life we get, they might pull their heads out of their collective asses and work to make the world a better place instead of trying to speed us along towards their desired apocalypse.


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