Even though I am English, I still take an interest in American politics. At the moment, I am despairing that all the main players in this election all seem to be anti-gay and anti-abortion. It sickens me that we live in a world where, despite everything, all people are not equal and two millenia old superstitions still have a tight grip in politics. So here is my question:

As an atheist, who do you want as president?

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Why did you delete your posts on the other board? I was going to respond further.

LOL! Previously I only suspected you were a megalomaniac, and now I know ;-)

None of the Republican candidates, would be my answer. They have all signed anti-LGBT pledges, some would ban abortion even to save the mother's life, ban contraception, attempt to undo the repeal of DADT, attack women's rights over their own bodies and attempt to introduce a Taliban-like theocracy in the USA. They are the foulest bunch of candidates I can ever recall seeing. In addition, I believe that the Republican strategy so far has been to do everything they can to degrade the economy, thinking that this will reduce Obama's chance of re-election. They have sacrificed jobs not just in America, but across the globe for their selfish, dogmatic ends.

To compare them to the Taliban is ridiculous and offensive. Sure, most of them are idiots; but Taliban? NO.

To even suggest the possibility that the Republican party is better than the Taliban in any way is ridiculous and stupid.  Yeah, most of them are idiots.  But they are all just as dangerous as any Taliban if not more so.  The Taliban, by comparison, are not even on the same level when it comes to level of threat to America and American rights.  Not even close.

What a ridiculous and masochistic statement.

im thoroughly confused now. I thought that the taliban also did things in the name of god? CLEARLY god needs to get a secretary or at least a filing folder so all of his smites are categorized and organized.

To get you started... try this:

1. George Bush elected a high official to the office of reproductive health who promoted PRAYER as the most legitimate "medicine" for PMS!

2. Both Bachmann and Perry are Dominionists who believe that this nation must be taken back "for Christ" and have constitutional law replaced by Biblical Law based on the Ten Commandments!

3. Our tax dollars are still funding "faith based initiatives" that have been given to the far right reactionary christians who have been given free reign to use that money to set up "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" openly discriminate in their organizations on basis of religion and sexual orientation, prosthelitize at the expense of the american taxpayer, and run campaigns to replace evolutionary science and medicine with "faith alternatives."

I could go on... but you get the point. These people are extremely dangerous

Right...but the Taliban killed their own people, forced women to wear the burqa and forbid them an education, and harbored real terrorists. So let's all put on our big-boy pants, take a deep breath, and stop comparing our political rivals to the Taliban.

It might not be fair to compare most of the republican candidates to the Taliban but it is in my opinion fair to compare most of the republican candidates to those who are sympathizers with the Taliban. Fortunately even if one of those lunatics does get into office there will (hopefully) only be so much they can do as there are limits on the presidential powers and the president fortunately isn't dictator.

To even compare them as "Taliban sympathizers" or the sort is ridiculous. Sure, some of them have far right views but that is TOO OUR STANDARDS. They don't want to execute gays and stone them to death. They don't want to put laws against changing religions. They don't want to stone women to death. The comparison is mute and to put it simply, makes one who makes such a claim look rather intellectually lazy, naive, and ignorant.


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