Even though I am English, I still take an interest in American politics. At the moment, I am despairing that all the main players in this election all seem to be anti-gay and anti-abortion. It sickens me that we live in a world where, despite everything, all people are not equal and two millenia old superstitions still have a tight grip in politics. So here is my question:

As an atheist, who do you want as president?

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Newt has a slightly better grasp on American history than Michelle Bachman.  His 'historical' expositions are simply propoganda rewrites of history that would give Kim Jung Il wet dreams.

You are speaking of ignorance. You can say a lot of things about Newt, but one cannot rationally take away the fact that he is an astute historian and intellectual.

In addition, he understands the issues facing mankind. There is no guarantee for the survival of humanity. We must confront evil and get rid of it before it gets rid of us. And in the case of Iran, this simply means supporting the Iranian people as Iranians are pro-American, pro-west, and pro-secular. Out of all the countries in the region, a free Iran is the only country in that area of the world that will truly be democratic, secular, and pluralistic. It is important to remember: our culture is pre-Islamic.

I wonder what part of Newt's astute historical understanding of the US and our government it is that makes him think that if a judge makes a decision he doesn't like he can have that judge arrested and put in jail?  I missed that part of the constitution.

That's the pandering I was talking about. He's trying to pander to the ignorant right base of his party to win the nomination.

"Newt Gingrich is an astute historian, intellectual [...]"

Only in his own mind. Though he has a degree, he has no academic achievements apart from applying for tenure at some second-rate college. As I recall he was even denied that..

Also see A Long List of Terrible Things That Newt Gingrich Has Done and Said and A Master List of Gingrich's Hypocrisies, and not to forget "Newt Skywalker". 

yeah American politics seems absurd. I can't believe that people can actually go around saying god bless their country and they dont get shunned off the stage. if that happened in australia, itd pretty much be the end of there political career. hell, the prime minister, julia gillard, is an open Atheist, unmarried woman. hell yeah!

Really? I envy you!

Unfortunately we still allow the public displays of delusion. 

After I made the above comment I drove off to get some lunch and realized it may be taken wrong. It was said jokingly...many have died protecting our freedoms to express those delusional views, but of course that doesn't mean I have to like them.

When politicians start speaking of their religious beliefs a cold chill runs down my spine.

I make it a point not to discuss politics or religion, we'll one out of two isn't so bad. 

But i will say this, I think their all a frightening prospect.

I really wish Americans would take their blinders off and see that there are more than two political parties in this country. This is why we have candidates that are running under a party that they probably should not even belong to but have to because if your not in one of the two your not going to get elected.

Because of this bullshit that brainwashes americans I used to think I was a democrat. I thought well they seem to be the party of the working class and minorities(I come from a blue collar mexican family). After some research and some John Stossel and Penn Jillet I figured out I am a libertarian.

I am very socially liberal and because of my atheism I do not care for any religious based moralities poisoning my government. I am also economically conservative. I enjoy working in a small business and I hope to very soon have my own. I've seen first hand how devastating regulations can be to a small business. It doesn't cost much for a large corporation to pay thousands of dollars to have an auditor come and inspect their plant but how is a small business with two machines in a garage suppose to afford to get an ISO certification or FDA approval(that's right even though your tax dollars pay for it they also charge the businesses they inspect) to manufacture medical devices not to mention fines from EPA regulations. I'm not talking about fines for hurting the environment but fines for not having the proper documentation. Most small business care more about the environment because they usually live in the same community of their business. Those assholes at the EPA don't care if your hurting the environment they just make sure your paperwork is filled out and they leave. The big guys can afford extra office persons to handle the paper work and even pay the fines if they are doing something wrong. It seems to me that many regulations just create more bureaucracy in government, slightly increase a large business overhead, and kills small business.

sorry kind of went off to the side a bit... quickly back to the original topic...

Grow a pair and vote for a party that best fits your ideals. Yes I know if you don't vote for Obama then you could end up with one of Loony Tunes from the Republican party but if we all voted for what we really want wouldn't we end up with the better average of what this country wants. You might say my vote is meaningless because my candidate will never get elected but I say it's your vote that is meaningless because it has no conviction, significance, or heart.

Oh.... I dream of the day when we elect a president with a majority of less than 40%.

Thanks David I agree with your political views too except I think that Colbert might be a closet atheist. It's hard to tell because his personal views get mixed up with the views of his satyrical persona.


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