Even though I am English, I still take an interest in American politics. At the moment, I am despairing that all the main players in this election all seem to be anti-gay and anti-abortion. It sickens me that we live in a world where, despite everything, all people are not equal and two millenia old superstitions still have a tight grip in politics. So here is my question:

As an atheist, who do you want as president?

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The FDA is a joke I have seen first hand what their auditors do.. Nothing

They just come in look at paperwork and leave a drug company could be putting rat poison in their medicine and the FDA would have no clue if it was not on the paperwork

I think we're seeing a  lot of anti-Republican talk because all the Republican crazies are crawling out of the woodwork now for the election.  We don't have that on the Democrat side since Obama will be the candidate for 2012.


How about his former personal adviser saying that during a visit to a gay man's house he refused to use his bathroom. I found that comical and found his ex-personal adviser to be quite credible.

The only 'liberal' news sources out there are a couple of hours on MSNBC and Current.  The rest of of the 'news' sources out there are just as liberal as their corporate ownership allows them to be.  Fox is blatantly biased toward their own agenda, which is not conservative and not Republican.  Every other program, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS NYT etc all play the game of false equivalency.  The best we can get from them is a Dems say this and Rep. say that, no analysis no research.  They don't fact check and rebut blatant lies.  They are simply the stenographers for the PR firms that the parties use to get their spin out.,

By all means Ron Paul, because every trip to the grocery store should be an experience in salmonella roulet.  We can all just sit back and hope that it is someone else's kids that die of poison food so that the market can leap into action and drive that evil company out of business.  Or at least buy their same poisonous crap under a different label the next time we get our groceries.

We don't need a Federal Dept of Education.  Let Texas teach their kids creationism in science class and that Jefferson Davis was the first President of the United States.  Calculus is a theory advanced by the Devil to distract us from the Holy Word.


Newt Gingrich is an astute historian, intellectual, and pragmatic man who understands the realities of the world. As for his more controversial positions, I think it is more for the pandering of his ignorant far right base. But Newt understands the threats we face from an enemy that wants to end human civilization, and I would trust him to be Commander-in-chief. BUT, at this point, I would vote to reelect President Obama but would wait until the debates to see Obama and Newt to go at it to decide who I would vote for. And people shouldn't discount Newt out yet, it will be a long primary season.

I think you might be onto something with your evaluation of Newt. At least I hope so. It just bothers me that he has an ignorant far-right base that needs pandering to. I trust Obama's judgment more and think he is more impartial. Paul's got impartiality but not judgment. Romney is kind of an empty suit, but I wouldn't worry overly much if he ended up getting elected. I just feel like none of the Repubs is going to have much chance in the general election against the incumbent with some accomplishments under his belt. I think folks still generally like Obama despite the disappointments and will vote for him.


Hey Sassan,


But Newt understands the threats we face from an enemy that wants to end human civilization,


Where and who is that enemy and how would they end civilization?


- kk

These people: http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2012/01/a-view-inside-iran/100219/

How? Well maybe by inspiring some neocons to bore us to death with conspiracy crap.

Just because you want to ignore the threats of apocalyptic madmen does not mean rest of the rational actors of the world have to as well. This is a regime that is driven by its core ideology in bringing back the "return of the hidden imam" which means as a prerequisite: Jerusalem must be "reconquered" along with a global jihad in which 2/3rd of humanity perishes through death, havoc, famine, and chaos. This very regime is on the verge of nuclear weapons.

History has taught us the lesson of not taking evil seriously with Adolf Hitler. We will not allow another holocaust to engulf mankind.


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