Even though I am English, I still take an interest in American politics. At the moment, I am despairing that all the main players in this election all seem to be anti-gay and anti-abortion. It sickens me that we live in a world where, despite everything, all people are not equal and two millenia old superstitions still have a tight grip in politics. So here is my question:

As an atheist, who do you want as president?

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   My first choice would be the Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, because he is fiercely independent, courageous, and intelligent.   Of the Republican candidates, I would choose Jon Huntsman, because he is the most honest.  Of those that could actually get the nomination, I would pick Mitt Romney, because, although he is a giant hypocritical ___wipe, he isn't bat___ crazy like all the others.    As far as those who will be contending in the general election, Barack Obama would be my strong preference.  Of course, I do have a fantasy pick: the California Congressman, Pete Stark.  Why?  He's the only avowed atheist out of 535 members of Congress.  There are no doubt a fair number of closet atheists in Congress, but they are cowards.

I just looked up Pete Stark... that guy is bad ass! I wish he was my representative. He voted against both the bail outs, against the patriot act, and against the NDAA. He would get my vote. 

Although he is over 80 years old and is very wealthy probably why he just doesn't give a fuck.

Truth be told... I don't want any of the idiots in this race to be president. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be an option... so I'm falling back on my "worst case scenario" policy.... vote for the idiot (in whatever corrupt madhouse of a party  they're in) that will do the LEAST amount of damage to the economy and civil rights. Looks like... right now... Obama is the least dangerous idiot... especially when it comes to separation of church and state.

What has alarmed me about OVER HALF of the Repub cadidates is that they have OPENLY flaunted the constitution's 1st amendment in the bill of rights by showing scorn for and promising to do away with the separation of church and state that they are in denial of.

Sadly many of our citizens deny that the constitution separates church and state, although you would have to be either an idiot, a loon, or totally deluded to do so.... because the exact words of the 1st amendament - from when the constitution was created... are "... Congress shall make no establishment of religion, nor prohibit the free exercise thereof."

Yep... if I have to sacrifice the economy on the altar of constitutional liberty... I suppose that's what I'll have to do... but I'm still not happy that I have to make such a ridiculous choice!

I vote for Sam Harris.

Is Daniel Dennett running?

I'm gonna fill it in.

Ron Paul is not only anti-American, but is a threat to world peace. In fact, he sees it as no problem for rogue regimes such as Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and in fact, wants to lift sanctions against Iran. Fortunately, Ron Paul the radical has no chance.

Hey Sassan,


How is he "anti-American" or a threat to "world peace"?


And, what is a "rogue" regime? Sovereignty means that any country has whatever government it wants and if you have a problem with it too bad. That is in fact, the very reason why global rule of law is so badly needed. So, no country can be in an objective position to call another "rogue". Rogue implies perspective; so as the IRI is rogue to the U.S. and the U.S. is rogue to the IRI. Its meaningless semantics, imo.


I don't know that he "has no chance".


- kk

Just because the fringe seems to enjoy him, doesn't mean he has a chance. He's been trying for close to 40 years to be elected....If it hasn't happened by now, it's not going to.. 

He is anti-American due to the fact that he blames America for 9/11 and ignores core Islamic ideology as the evil we face in the world. He is anti-American due to the fact that he would jeopardize the national security of the United States by lifting sanctions on Iran and allowing a regime that openly wants to bring an end to humanity (the "return of Imam Mahdi") to acquire nuclear weapons as a "natural right of theirs". The reality is, Ron Paul is not only anti-American but also anti-Semitic and clearly anti-humanity. His core followers also tend to be the most vile of individuals and conspiracy theorists and he never distances himself from them. Instead he cuddles with them and goes on their shows (such as the radical Alex Jones I believe it is) and indeed I believe him to believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy.

How else would you explain the following clip...? :

His other huge constituency of core supporters include but are not limited to the Nazi Stormfronters, the 9/11 truthers, the Islamic terrorists and their supporters, the Libertarian advocates of child molestation and hard drug legalization, and other enemies of western civilization.

Indeed Ron Paul is a loon and a conspiracy theorist of all sorts. Here is a quote from him: "This superhighway would connect Mexico, the United States, and Canada, cutting a wide swath through the middle of Texas and up through Kansas City. Offshoots would connect the main artery to the west coast, Florida, and northeast. Proponents envision a ten-lane colossus the width of several football fields, with freight and rail lines, fiber-optic cable lines, and oil and natural gas pipelines running alongside....

The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union - complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the Union. Like the European Union, a North American Union would represent another step toward the abolition of national sovereignty altogether."

Now to some more anti-humanity stuff: Ron Paul was one of only two congresspersons to vote against funding for malaria immunization and prevention in Africa which helps save millions of lives a year. Away from the vital humanitarian concerns which we simply cannot ignore (the costs involved are so miniscule as it is) but neglecting this region and allowing death to take over would create fertile grounds for Islamic radicals to gain a foot of a new terror haven. I consider that as both anti-humanity and anti-American.

In addition, during the height of the Green Revolution in 2009, Ron Paul was the lone House member to vote against a resolution "expressing support for all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and rule of law."

"The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer." - Theodore Roosevelt

And a rogue regime is a regime that rules against not only the will of their own people through totalitarian and oppressive means, but defies international law and human rights.

And I personally was hoping that Ron Paul would win Iowa as if he would have won Iowa, the media would have been able to finally scrutinize his record COMPLETELY in bringing it up to the media spotlight. And I am not talking about his racist newsletters (that's bad enough) but his atrocious positions, viewpoints, conspiracies, and record.

The party of Ronald Regean is not going to vote for an isolationist. He has a core group of very fanatical supporters who are very vocal. But the fact is he is capped at 20-25% despite the Democrats and Independents who have switched party labels to vote for him. He has ZERO chance. The best he can do is run as an independent and in doing so, he will take his fanatical supporters with him and he will be the cause of President Obama's reelection. I see this as a very real possibility.

I think hard drugs should be legal and I am not an enemy of western civilization. And why would a north american union be bad... shit i wish we could have a planet union!

He was referring to a conspiracy in a negative light. What pops through his head is looney tunes.

I am also for the decriminalizing of drugs but it must be then with care. Ron Paul wants to do everything over night including getting rid of nearly every federal agency that we have including the FDA, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Education to name just a couple.


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