Hi Friends!


Few questions I have for you today.


Are you a dem or rep? What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio? 


What influences your thought process?


Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?


I think the rep's just hate Obama because he's black. Yes I said it. 


I do plan on voting for him again. 


My final thoughts are that they are all crooks and liars. 

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I consider myself Independent. Both parties are corrupt, as you said. It's all a big show. I think most politicians go in truly believing they are different, and that they can change the system. Then they cave to the many pressures of being a politician, and become disenchanted. I realized I was Independent (as opposed to Republican) when I lost my faith/religion. Actually, it was probably before that. Republicans have always been too preoccupied with controlling people's personal lives and legislating morality. Even when I was a Christian, I did see this as a violation of Separation of Church & State, and knew I would not appreciate being told how to be moral if another religion were in the majority. I was never very legalistic; I felt people's lives were their own private affairs, and God would judge them. Now... I feel the same, except I don't think they're going to be judged by a higher power.

I am mainly influenced by what I think is just and fair. For a while, I probably could've considered myself Libertarian and was highly influenced by Ayn Rand. After much reflection, I realized her philosophy was much too black and white, and she made many assumptions about people based on their class. If someone were a businessman/rich they were intelligent, creative, and deserving of their own wealth. If someone participated in manual labor and/or were poor, they were an unintelligent mooch who didn't deserve the scraps off a businessman's plate. I now take issue with the "Invisible Hand" concept taught/accepted in economics. If it's good for business/businessmen, it will be good for everyone. This idea doesn't take into account greed and corruption.

Now I realize that many who are poor are much harder workers than any businessman, and rich people wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for the blood, sweat, and tears of their employees. I think the way money is doled is disproportionate to the work done. I would have to say I lean more heavily toward Socialism, although I'm well aware how that system can be corrupted as well. I simply believe that people can be more productive and happy if their needs are met and are compensated for the hard work they do. A person shouldn't have to be born into wealth in order to succeed; it's simply too hard (next to impossible)for someone born a "proletariat" to work their way up.

I do cringe when anyone invokes their religion for any reason whatsoever. Since I once was Christian, I know from what pool of ridiculousness they draw their conclusions. It's nauseating to know they are literally trying to usher in the end of the world.

Although I think Obama's ethnicity certainly plays a part in the Right's hatred of him, I certainly don't think it's the only thing they hate about him. They hate that he's also intelligent, educated, and well-spoken. They hate that he's a Democrat (obviously).

I will definitely vote for him this year (missed the last election). I have certainly been disappointed that Obama tried so hard to compromise with the Republicans, but I can't exactly fault him for it because one of his main themes during his campaign was uniting the country. I wish he discovered sooner that there would be no middle or common ground to be found; they simply wanted him to fail, whatever the cost. What I am (hesitantly) hoping for is that he realized the Republicans are an obstacle that he must overcome. I hope he takes the gloves off. He won't have to worry about reelection, so he can go to town. He can leave the legacy everyone hoped he would. None of this is to say that Obama has been faultless... far from. I just think people expected him to be the Messiah and were disappointed when he didn't change the world overnight. I think things are way more complicated within the walls of the White House than we'll ever realize. I think his hands were simply tied in ways he would not have expected. Who knows what secrets are divulged to the President?

I'm a cynical idealist. I want to believe it'll eventually get better. I do know it will NOT get better if a Republican gets elected.

Just sharing something related:


In the computer science world Andrew Tanenbaum is a big name. But he also runs an electoral college/election analysis site here as the Votemaster. Pretty interesting blogs, and seems to be pretty accurate with predictions from his poll algorithms. Just something to check out I'd thought I'd share. Especially interesting to follow as we get closer to the elections.


And his hobbies are awesome: "Photography and skewering corrupt and hypocritical politicians."

Also, to get back through his blogs, you have to hit the "Previous Report" link in the upper right list of links.

Are you a dem or rep? What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio? 


I am actually Libertarian in political philosophy, but end up voting for one of the major parties in federal elections since I can’t make myself vote for someone I know has no chance. That said I lean republican on economic issues but they drive me crazy with all their xian ranting.


What influences your thought process?


Usually vote to keep my taxes low. Know it is selfish but cannot help it.


Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?




I think the rep's just hate Obama because he's black. Yes I said it. 


No I don’t. Some do but I think most of them don’t like he because they think he is a socialist.


I do plan on voting for him again. 


Didn’t vote for him last time. Probably won’t again unless it is Perry, Bachmann or some over the top xian nut case.


My final thoughts are that they are all crooks and liars. 

Most are liars less are crooks but I would agree a lot of them are crooks.



you wouldnt vote for perry or bachmann or some over the top xian nut case, so, did you vote for mcain and palin last go?

Are you a dem or rep? What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio? 


I'm actually unaffiliated. I'm not at all fond of a simply two party system. I was a Republican though. At that time it was because that's what my parents were, and I wasn't really thinking for myself yet.


What influences your thought process?


I listen to what all the candidates have to say, and then research their views on the issues that are most important to me.


Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?




Who are you going to vote for?


At this point, Obama. I could change my mind if a third party candidate I like appears out of left field, but barring that, Obama it is.

How American a question...

...what does that mean? That people don't ask this question in other countries?

While in social groups containing assorted and diverse persons from assorted and diverse countries (South Africans, Those from the UK, Australians and the like), and realize that I'm trying to be as articulate as possible so as not to offend sensibilities and keep from making sweeping generalizations, Americans tend to not realize that there is a "rest of the world" out there that is different from America and tend to imagine that American culture is global (I do fall into this trap. I can't tell you how many times I've referenced Bob Barker or talked about thanksgiving memories and gotten blank stares)

So my comment is this: This is a global forum with people from many different countries where Americans are seem to be discussing politics as if theirs is the only country in the world that matters.

While I agree with that completely and have tried hard to keep in mind that people from all over the world are members of T|A, the fact is that the overwhelming majority of T|A members are from the United States. At least, last time I was privy to the web stats this was true. It is only natural that discussions lean towards an American bias.  That said, I'd love for people living outside of the United States to begin discussions relating to their cultures, politics, etc.  It has happened, but it is much rarer than Americans posting Americana discussions simply due to the large amount of American members. And I'd also love my fellow Americans to be more cognizant of a greater community beyond their borders.

This may be a global forum but most of it's members are currently Americans, I'd love to see that change though. Forums with a better non-American to American ratio are a lot of fun. How many responses do you think the question would have really gotten if someone had asked who are you going to vote for German Chancellor? When I go into websites with primarily German users I don't expect them to be discussing American politics. (Germans might be a bad example though, the ones I've met actually do discuss American politics quite often.)

I'd love to get some German perspective on the current fiscal crisis with the Euro.



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