Hi Friends!


Few questions I have for you today.


Are you a dem or rep? What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio? 


What influences your thought process?


Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?


I think the rep's just hate Obama because he's black. Yes I said it. 


I do plan on voting for him again. 


My final thoughts are that they are all crooks and liars. 

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I can't decide if it would be better for the country if Romney gets the Repub nomination, because he's basically a decent, normal guy, or if one of the nut-jobs gets it so that it ensures an Obama victory in the general election.


On some level, I'm a contrarian; in college, being surrounded by liberal hippie-types, I defended GW Bush against their stupidity and preferred the campus conservative magazine to the obnoxious, PC liberal alternatives. By the end of Bush's first term, though, I recognized what a dummy and a failure the guy was and voted Kerry. These days, I am not registered with a party, but I lean cautiously left on most issues. I think the fairest position is to combine the personal freedoms of libertarianism with the practical realization that unchecked laissez-faire capitalism is not in everyone's best interest. It may be economically efficient over the long term, but in the meantime, little people get screwed over, which necessitates some social safety nets. Plus I think history shows that unregulated markets lead to monopolies and boom-&-bust cycles. I agree that government is inefficient and corrupted by money, but I seriously doubt that the free market, which is by definition beholden to money, could accomplish what we want to accomplish as a society in the absence of government, which is at least in theory accountable to voters. Overall, my philosophy is that there aren't simple answers to complex problems, and I feel like fundie right-wingers offer nothing but simplistic, angry rhetoric that does us all a disservice.


Incongruent note about myself: I'm a total gun nut, having grown up hunting and shooting. Lucky for me, I don't think Obama has any interest in addressing any gun control measures, though his administration is supposedly virulently "anti-gun" according to NRA wackos. As a responsible adult with a constitutional right to bear arms, I can own and enjoy dangerous things, sorry. It's part of the libertarian personal freedoms I support, no different than gay equality or religious freedom.


I'm definitely voting for Obama a second time, because I think he's a smart guy who thinks and has decent values. I disagree with him on religion and gun control, but those are minor compared to the nightmarish Republican field this year. 

I find myself in agreement with many of your points.  I think the current Republican field is one of right wing nuts, with the possible exception of Romney.


I too am going to vote to re elect Obama.  He is the best choice in a group of poor choices.

Yes, I do cringe when a candidate finds it necessary to announce his or her religion.  I cringe even more if that candidate (or anyone for that matter) lets his or her religion control decisions.  I think that any religious person, candidates included, lets religion do their thinking. 


As for crooks and liars, I think we have the best Congress that money can buy.  A completely new one would not last more than a month before the money and power would corrupt them.  I don't know what the answer is.  Maybe a new American Revolution?

So you and a few other thousands are the ones who unleashed George W. Bush on this country in 2000.  Way to go.

I used to think that I wouldn't vote for anyone. I thought I'd just abstain from voting, since what does my vote matter when the presidential candidates all fucking suck?

Eventually I decided that I might as well vote for Obama, simply because he's a better choice than the slew of horrific candidates that the Republicans are throwing at us.

Romney is an amoral, vile human being with a smile that makes my blood run cold. Maybe it's just the knowledge of how he made his millions, maybe it's the fervency with which he preaches his religion to his brainwashed masses...I don't know. All I know is, I loathe him with every fiber of my being.

Santorum is just as bad, if not worse. The man makes no attempt to tone down his Dogmatic diatribe, gleefully preaching hatred and discrimination from his pulpit. Furthermore, he wants to privatize the education of American children. If we can't fucking afford private education for our kids NOW, then how the hell does he expect the average joe to pay for the education when he's in office? He doesn't. He's enforcing the idea that republicans want to turn the 99% into brainless worker drones. He represents the most horrifying things that exist in the republican party.

Gingrich doesn't have a ghost of a chance. End of story. The man is too far out of touch with the rest of society, and ignores any information that contradicts what he thinks he knows.

Ron Paul is...just a joke. I'm sorry, I'm sure he has many good ideas, but I get hung up on his whole "Complete Isolation" stance...the man clearly has no idea where our military information comes from, where our foods come from...he's just a bad joke with a terrible punchline. The punchline is that he'll die in office. Seriously, if I wasn't going to vote for McCain because I was afraid he'd leave us with Palin, I sure as hell ain't gonna vote for Paul.

In the end, my vote will go to Obama. He stabilized the economy, by which I mean he took us out of the flaming nosedive that bush left us in and kept us from crashing and burning. Who knows, with four more years he might be able to show us some of that "change" BS he was promising us. I also don't have to worry about him forcing me to pray to his god. Hell, at the very worst, the only thing I have to worry about with him is whether or not he'll take away my right to keep and carry firearms, and that's a fight he sure as hell won't win in four years. so yeah, Obama is the safe vote, and he's got mine.

"Ron Paul is...just a joke. I'm sorry, I'm sure he has many good ideas, but I get hung up on his whole "Complete Isolation" stance...the man clearly has no idea where our military information comes from, where our foods come from...he's just a bad joke with a terrible punch line."

Rather than short pithy quips you actually have to listen to Ron Paul for more than thirty seconds for him to make his points. His arguments are consistent and he changes his views when new information is available. 

Daniel... I will admit he's consistent. But that's really the only thing Ron Paul has going for him. Which really isn't saying much. Being the former OBGYN that he is, I don't feel he truly has a grasp on the historical reasons for why we have the government set-up as we do... I don't feel he understands that we have some of the Government Departments.. Most of them were formed when it was found there was a need for them. For instance one of the Department s he wants to get rid of is Education.. The Department of Education was formed when it was found there was a need to increase the quality of education in this country.. Which wasn't being done without it. 

Now I feel there is one department which could and should be broken-up into is components and that is the Department of Homeland Security.  Too many other smaller groups have been absorbed into it and have since been rendered ineffective as a result.. FEMA is a prime example of this. 

Are you a dem or rep? Independent

What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio?  Independence

What influences your thought process?  Hopefully, logic and reason

Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?  Yes

I think the rep's just hate Obama because he's black. Yes I said it.  No op

I do plan on voting for him again.  I didn't vote last time around- but I think he is the "best" of bad choices

My final thoughts are that they are all crooks and liars.  If not overtly, covertly - look at who gives them how much money- they are all really prostitutes for the government

Western "democracy" is a farce. What kind of democracy can come from the minds of men who enslaved other men while decimating others, all the while saying that freedom is king? What kind of democracy is sold to the highest bidder?  What kind of democracy is exported for control of another country's socio-political system?  And you ask, who am I going to vote for?  Does it make a difference?

Thomas Jefferson who preached freedom, owned slaves and had babies by his Black enslaved woman.  

Who am I gonna vote for?  Ronald Reagan who didn't deal with terrorist yet sold arms to Iran to fund the Contras with drug money that his CIA got from selling drugs to Blacks on the streets of L.A. 

Who am I gonna vote for?  A Democrat or Republican who is owned by whoever paid the most so they can collect taxes, make wars, and shift revenue back to the elite while telling us that we are free and America is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hell they won't arrest Zimmerman or treat Black folks fairly after 400 years no matter who is in office.  

Who would YOU vote for?

Your points are valid about what was written and what was actually practiced.  They, including Jefferson, knew this was problematic.

Although the Supreme Court flubbed Dred Scott, Little Rock was a turning point for this nation.  What I am trying to say (without going into a whole civil rights history in the US) is although our history is tainted (and badly so with respect to the native Americans and African Americans), have we not progressed with respect to freedom and equality (although I still think we have a long way to go)?  And I agree, we have corruption, hypocrisy, racism, bigotry, etc in our government, but was is (are) your alternative(s) and how do you think we can make the "system" better?

I'd elect a thoughtful Atheist, that's about the best we can do right now until the dominate culture comes to grips with itself instead of it's idealism and rhetoric. 

Well, perhaps I'll get your vote someday - in the meantime, write to your reps and let them know if/how they are or are not representing you.




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