Hi Friends!


Few questions I have for you today.


Are you a dem or rep? What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio? 


What influences your thought process?


Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?


I think the rep's just hate Obama because he's black. Yes I said it. 


I do plan on voting for him again. 


My final thoughts are that they are all crooks and liars. 

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still registered rep. even if my party ran into the f&*$ing wilderness....

my main influence is my skeptical and pessimistic view of our future.

i hate politicians that say "i am..." well anything cause f&*$ you, what are you here to do for the rest of us...

the hate for obama has at some level to do with him being black, absolutely....

i will probably vote for him again, since there really is no alternative.

you forgot, chickenhawks, a$$holes, pedophiles, and requiring to be diagnosed with NPD to be able to run for office...

"I think the rep's just hate Obama because he's black. Yes I said it. "

I am sorry but that is a load of balogna.

It never seems to occur to some people that maybe the people who don't like Obama, don't like him because they do not like what he stands for rather than because of his skin color.

Now I am sure there are some people who, on their list of complaints about Obama, include the fact that his family left Africa a lot more recently than theirs did.  But to simply say Republicans (not "some Republicans," but just "Republicans") hate him because he is black is stating that all Republicans are racist.

And that statement is every bit as bigoted as you are accusing them of being.

I would agree if not for the controversy there has been from Conservatives about whether or not Obama is Muslim or even a born in the U.S.  Many on the far Right (ie, Tea Partiers) still feel he's an illegitimate president because they believe he's not born here.

What I find ironic is that during the last election the Right had issues because of Obama's Jeremiah Wright connection.. Once that fell flat- it became he's now Muslim because of his middle name. 

Prior to Obama the only other President with anything close to this type of controversy was Kennedy. That dealt was more, since he was Catholic whether or not the policies of the Vatican and the Pope were going to effect his presidential polices. 

Obama is the first President to have his citizenship, his parentage and his religion questioned like this.

The question remains.. What is so different about him that some people would feel the need to question those things as vehemently as they have? 

You do recall that Bushy Two wasn't elected, but was appointed by the supreme court.

Damn those Chads..


OK, I've checked on this and the wikipedia article on this whole thing matches my recollections pretty well:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election_in...

It appears that the recount efforts pushed by Gore actually were in violation of Florida law (which required that results be certified by November 14), and subsequent unofficial recounts mostly showed that Bush was the true winner of the election.

Claiming he was "appointed" by a Supreme Court that simply insisted Florida follow its own law is as baseless as claiming Obama is not a citizen.

How would it feel if the Supreme Court prohibited investigation into Obama's  citizenship?

Again, I am complaining about Sophie's phrasing implying all republicans are racists.  Yeah there are nutters.  There are nutters in ANY group.  And of course the opposing group will highlight them.  I know of many conservatives who denounce all of the "Obama isn't a citizen" stuff as bullcrap.

your right, it can be inferred by how she wrote it. it is not fair, we are all not...but...when you are #2 in the race and you...(below). sophie's lack of qualifying her statement, is not that big of a crime.

OMG! See! 

I think the religious right has taken over the republican party and Goldwater's predictions have come true....

What I HATE most is the Lee Atwater type villification of democrats, liberals and Obama in particular.  Fox News and a host of Radio shock jocks have turned the juice way up on dividing the country.

Its hate speech with no bones about it.


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