Hi Friends!


Few questions I have for you today.


Are you a dem or rep? What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio? 


What influences your thought process?


Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?


I think the rep's just hate Obama because he's black. Yes I said it. 


I do plan on voting for him again. 


My final thoughts are that they are all crooks and liars. 

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Well, perhaps I'll get your vote someday - in the meantime, write to your reps and let them know if/how they are or are not representing you.

Are you a dem or rep? What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio? 

 When I lived in Pa and voting for the first time. I went with how the state traditionally voted, which was Republican. Now, despite the fact I identify as Democrat.. I vote for who I think will be best in the position of President..

What influences your thought process?

 I hate to say it but recently it's been the candidates attitudes..Even if there wasn't an incumbent for President, there's no way in hell I'd for Republican at this point. I don't feel they have compassion of any sort for their fellow citizens.--whether that's women in general or those in need.. 

Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?

I dislike the fact they have to say that in order to pander to the extremists in our country.. I feel when they say that they're attempting to push their religious agenda on the American people with no regard for the Constitution-- despite what they say. With that said, they also seem to like to pick-and \-choose what they want to follow from the Constitution just like they do in regards to the Bible they profess to follow.. 

I'm a Democratic Socialist in the USA

That means I am a voting member of the Democratic Party in the USA

But a donating and contributing member of the Socialist Party in the USA

As much as I wish Stewart Alexander could be our President, Obama is the best we are going to get - so I am voting Obama.

Ditto, being a democratic socialist forces me to vote for the lesser of he two evils, hence Obama.

But the country  really needs a Norman Thomas


I have read about Eugene Debs before but never Thomas. Awesome guy! Yes, we could use a lot more Norman Thomases right now!

I'm a Canadian, and I'm slightly left of wing. My parents are usually left, but on some issues they're whatever the media says they should be. My brothers a little more right wing, but he is not an idiotic republican type that wants to bring religion into government.

I try to find what would cause as little harm to living beings as possible, and I guess you could also say my atheism, in the sense that I'm infuriated by people trying to force christian morals on everybody. 

I think that the claim that republicans hate Obama because he's black is somewhat ridiculous. That may be the case with some of the idiotic rednecks, however, he does in fact have a political stance that is drastically different from that of most republicans, which may have something to do with the republicans not liking him. 

I do cringe when politicians bring up their Christianity, as if it is relevant. Usually when they do, they're about to bring up the biblical laws and how they should run the country, or they're sucking up to idiots that will think "Hey! He's a Christian, and I'm a Christian! That must mean that I should vote for him!"

As an outsider, I was wondering who the Repubicans on this site were going to vote for.

I agree with Ceci, and it happens in Australia too, the right wingers are voted in, they wreck the country, and look after the really rich, banks go rampant with major mental masturbation with the power they have, with no rules, ignore the middle class, then have to bring in a left winger to clean up the mess. Then the right wingers complain because the mess isn't cleaned up quick enough??? I would be voting for Obama, if either Santorum or Romney got in, it would be a disaster for USA. I think Santorum will go against Obama, and Obama will win.

Romney has too much money, even for right wing Republicans.

I'll probably never vote again. Both parties are anti-worker, anti-freedom, anti-citizen and pro-slave. Neither party has any interest in doing anything about Americas prison population (which is the the highest in all the world). Under Obama the same spree of irresponsible privatization (i.e. prisons, police and the military), has continued in full. Guantanamo is still open, people are still being tortured, we are still involved in like a billion stupid wars, there was never the glostnos we were promised. The NDAA makes the patriot act look like the poolside rules in a hippy commune. Our government is funding radical Muslims who engage in genocidal practices, and supplying weapons and services to Mexican narco-terrorists. 

  Barack Obama was the best president we ever had until he started doing things. America is rife with private prisons, laws that oppress minorities of every kind, and bright eyed nationalist militarism.

Unless some serious campaign/election reform takes place, our votes are pretty meaningless.


Have to agree too. My biggest disappointment is about NDAA too. 

During the Viet Nam era I was a Democrat.  Later, I voted Republican when it made sense to me.  I am enrolled as an Independent now.  I don't want any party to take my vote for granted.  The downside is I don't get to vote in primaries. 

I'm retired now and I get to read a great deal.  I read a variety of things from as many sources as I can handle.   For the most part, I stay away from cable news. It is polarizing.   I do think that the MSNBC group of Maddow, Matthews and O'Brien are the sharpest of the pundits. 

I do cringe when politicians evoke religion in their debates and theatrics.  I think 4 of the GOP hopefuls said that god told them to run.  So god is either schizophrenic or he/she wanted a good laugh watching those fools soil themselves.   Hey, there is another good argument for atheism.  

I was in law enforcement in my former life.  I maintain contact with many of my old co-workers.  I would have to admit that much of the anti-Obama rant is racism even if my friends can't.  I delete most of their absurd e-mails and I have lost a few friends arguing with them.

I will vote and where I have voted for the 3rd party candidate in the past as a protest,  I will vote for Obama.  The thought of the GOP getting in scares me.  We would be giving more of what we have to the 1%.

Our political system is hopelessly corrupt.  The Citizens United Supreme Court decision must be overturned if we are to remain a democracy and not become a plutocracy.  We are witnessing the worst crony capitalism since the end of the 19th century.   I wish my property was about 2 miles north of where it is.  I would be in Canada. 

I really wish I could say that I will vote for Obama, I will definitively never vote Rep., but I'm so disappointed with Obama at this point that I'm out of options. 


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