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1954 (Before my time, but close)

Even when I was a kid I hated 'store bought' costumes and would design my own, no matter how rag-tag it looked. Most kids would go to the 'Five & Dime' (anyone remember those stores? lol ) and pick out a popular costume that came with some corny mask. Superman, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, a Witch or the Devil were the standard choices... But I chose to dress up as a Vampire, a Zombie, and a Belly-Dancer, not your 'run-of-the-mill' costume in those olden days.

Trick-or-Treating wouldn't dare begin until sundown when groups of kids would wander around the neighborhood (without their parents) demanding treats. I really hated the fact that it was often too chilly to go out without a coat, so my spectacular costume ended up being all covered up.

Halloween used to be a mainly just a holiday for the kiddies, but that has certainly changed over the last 30 years. Halloween now rivals Xmas for being the most popular holiday for adults as well..

Do tell what you are thinking of being for Halloween this year. Share what you were last year, and if you have some photos from past Halloweens, we would LOVE to see them. If you haven't yet decided on your costume, hopefully there will be some ideas here that will spark some enthusiasm in your bloody heart.

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(Don't blame me for these last two costumes, a friend offered them up.)
Where is her shirt?

OK, my friend offered this one up too.....

Need more ideas for your costume? Check out this list of costuming links.


Witches and Warlocks

Maybe a devil costume would go well with a witch? Aren't witches supposed to be in 'cahoots' with the devil? Possessed by him??? And it can be a pretty easy costume to put together.

This one looks pretty darn cool! Called a Witch Lord...
Here's a picture from a Halloween party we went to. Mad scientist and assistant.
Haha! You certainly look mad. You are probably an atheist, too! You twisted soul, you!
Oh no! My diabolical secret is out! How ever did you piece the puzzle together? lol :D


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