Hi guys! I would like your feedback on this screen shot of a white TA. Should we go down this road? It will be a lot of work to make everything right.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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I absolutely agree with doone.
OH GOD NO!!!! lol

Really though, please don't. White backgrounds are so harsh on the eyes, I'm amazed that anyone uses them anymore (yet lots of pages still do).
I'm with Galen; I find white backgrounds to be rather glaring.
I have a welding hood!
But it's ancestors are from AFRICA!

If the site is CSS code just make a test page and play around with it. If you wanna do it off site go to zetaboards and play with coding. I do agree that white is a bad way to go but you could play with purples, blues, and reds in different combos.
white is the color for purity you know. Adopted by Christians from Pagan beliefs. It now represents the pureness of God.

....no God please.
besides, I agree with everyone else.

It's killing my eyes.
I like it better white.
definitely keep the darker background. The white background makes everything look too busy, it's harsh, and might just be a little face-bookey.
I prefer the black, white is a bit to harsh at times. Maybe make it a gray or something less abrasive.
Consider this discussion closed. We are not changing. Thanks for your feedback!


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