I have decided that I would like to read the Christian Bible, starting with the Old Testament and then New. I admit I know very little about different versions of the bible...the very helpful lady at Coles bookstore recommended the King James version, so this is the one I purchased.

Does anyone know if this is the best choice? Any recommendations?

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I guess if you are going to go for laughs, try:


Did you know that "the Lord" is responsible for mass murders, abortions, rapes, stealing, adultery, and child abuse? Check out this website: www.thegoodnewsbook.com

Christianity should be summed up in Jesus's 2 commandments, "Love yourself and love your neighbor as yourself."

My hero, Jerry Springer, does it in one: "Be good to yourselves and each other --"

pax vobiscum,

Or to formulate it another way:  "Be excellent to each other" and "Party on, dudes!"

Bill? Or Ted? Is that you?

Jim Jefferies said it better...

"Try not to be a c***"

Haha true words of wisdom!



Did you know that MAN is the one that is really responsible for all crime,hate and war? We can't control the world,but we can do this with ourselves.

I have read the Bibile- probably KJV- but I prefer my fantasy be well written and a coherent plot- the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings or better yet the Wheel of Time or the Sword of Truth Series'. As long as your reading fantasy with monsters, demons, dragons and other myth- read the "good books" 

I just ordered a copy of The Oxford Study Bible: Revised English Bible with Apocrypha from Amazon, and will read that first. I cannot wait to start the KJV though, since it has unicorns and all! It's no wonder fundies prefer that version!


At least you are veing balanced whether you believe or not.I study many themes and subjects which I don't always concur with but I do need to learn what another side is saying and the arguments they present.

I have learned Hebew - Old Testament- and Greek-New Testament- from which the Bible has been translated.The translation best only in my view is the King James ll. James l is in Elizabethan English and readers of modern English can find it more difficult to read as they do their modern English magazines,etc.

James ll translates each Hebrew or Greek word very closely and is very easy to read.You can get an interlinear with the Hebrew or Greek words right below the English translation.James ll has an interlinear which does this and you can see how accurate it is.You can get it very cheaply at Abe's Books or a used book site.

I've been using the Complete Jewish Bible translated by David H. Stern since I was a child. It is to me one of the best translations out there, I love how it reconnects the bible to it's true jewish roots. After all christianity originated as a sect of Judaism, so to me to truly understand a religion you must start with it's origins. So I would recommend this or any other Messianic or Hebraic  translations. If on the other hand you want a modern common christian outlook the NIV or other such versions would be more appropriate. Also I agree with all the other postings of the KJV It is completely inaccurate in translations and understanding of the content.


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