I find it annoying that people think we somehow choose atheism willingly simply because we want to.


The other one that I don't like is "atheism = immoral".


What about you?

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i've actually known angry atheists. One was even a Jesuit school dropout or reject (I couldn't learn which). When I think of Tea Party I first think of the whackos in it. I know that's thinking too stereotypically, but it's a common problem.
Atheists should be angry, for all the BS that's been shoveled onto society by religion. Mad at god????? pretty bloody hard to be mad at something that does not exist...

It's not a stereotype that bothers me in the least! Actually the opposite would bother me more!
I love how they say we must lead horrible, purposeless lives!

The word "Science" is like a swear word to them!
One people's main peeves seems to be the whole immorality thing... to me that's a compliment.
doone, the article in no way implies that there are more atheists in the army, only that the Christian majority found in the army happen to be less religious... not much to go on.

The opposite would have been depressing, I see the army as a place where poor and/or stupid people go.
My father and brother are neither poor nor stupid, thank you.
My grandfather was a NCO in the Marines in WW2. A smart man, handy with anything he turned his mind to.

Re: Derailment: The soldiers coming back from the Pacific theater did the same.
I see as much rational to being a soldier as being religious, they exist in the same plain for me.

Now if this thread had been started by a soldier and read "stereotypes about soldiers that bug me", well, this might have fit perfectly. Stereotypes can be false... or... they can be true... In the case of the USA military for example, the stereotype is based in reality, according to all social analysts. Does it mean that 100% of soldiers conform to the stereotype? of course not, but a majority do. The USA government takes advantage of socially disadvantaged sectors of society to make up its military, this is no secret.
key wording here being: observed or imagined.

Stereotypes are not necessarily wrong, or bad...
I see the army as a place where poor and/or stupid people go.

Um, I had the same notion once, but was surprised by the number of smart people in the military when I served. It can be a really productive way to get technical training, stay in shape, see the world. Not sure if I'd be happy to be in the service now as overworked as it is, but the benefits are still there. I blame most of the current undesirability of it now on Bush and other so-called "patriots".

I even knew some well off people in the military, although they're rare. Poor and underclass isn't a bad generalization. But "stupid" is.
maybe stupid was the wrong word... maybe a wording along the lines of "propensity to blind obedience"...
To believers, atheists represent an extreme hubris for daring to confidently reject God. These believers have not reasoned through (past?) all the brainwashing they've grown up with, so it makes them uncomfortable to think that others have.

Atheists frighten believers because their beliefs always boil down to a leap of faith. They're afraid they're lingering over a precipice, like Wiley Coyote, with nothing to support them.

What I hate the most is how believers retreat to faith, when pressed, as if that is some kind of answer.


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