I find it annoying that people think we somehow choose atheism willingly simply because we want to.


The other one that I don't like is "atheism = immoral".


What about you?

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Yeah, I've heard it many many times, probably because I used to debate on a religious forum. The form I find it takes the most is "as an atheist you can be good, but you have no justification for it". While that's simply incorrect, even still, who cares what one's justification is as long as they're "good" (whatever that means, but that's another debate).
They say that they get their morals from god. But where does god get his morals from? I've never understood how they can say this.
Moot point... to them all begins with "God", their enlightened being obviously need not "get them from anywhere". That's you trying to put your sense of chronology on their timeless delusion, it is useless.

God does not exist, the morals found in holy scriptures of any religion were written by insane egothistical power hungry schizos and I want no part of that morality. :)
Great topic.

I don't get annoyed about most of the ignorance about atheism. I guess I am more forgiving because I also was ignorant of it as well and until I actively went out of my way to learn about it did I learn that I was an atheist. I understand why people don't know what it is or subscribe to stereotypes.

What really annoys me is Accomadationsists. But, that is possibly a thread derailer so I leave it alone.
I've met many Canadian atheists who are ashamed of the word atheist. They say "Oh I'm only agnostic, I don't want to hurt your feelings, and how can I be sure anyway?" They give us a bad name. We need to show pride, when we stop cowering, the idiots will shut up.
I guess the one that bugs me the most is that Atheists are wrong!
Since the study came out, I've had people say something along the lines of "Well, for not believing in God, you people certainly study him a lot... Seems like you care too much, hmm?" WTF, you're celebrating your own ignorance!
oh I know, I bet you there are hundreds of priests and ministers whose sermon this morning had something to do with "what good is knowledge if you're not saved". It's such a load of crap. This survey result though was big, because they always twist things in some stupid way to suit themselves, but to twist this to suit them, they really have to celebrate their own ignorance as you put it.
oh boy..where do I start..where I live, stereotypes and prejudice is a daily occurrence.

I think number one would have to be that theists cant understand that America is a secular nation, not a christian one and that atheists are un-American.
separate the church and state..it's in the constitution that you are trying to use against me...

Second would be Immoral. I think everyone will agree with this one.

Third is interesting...the "war" on Christmas. They hate how we try to make their holidays secular since they don't know that they stole them from Pagans in the first place.

hmm..how many should I put down? There are so many! lol
Yeah, the whole "atheism led to the holocaust and communist regime and blah blah blah - that's a good 'ol ad hoc favourite of mine too.

That argument does nothing to show atheism incorrect in any way, only (very poorly) that it's dangerous. Of course it fails on both counts actually.
Growing up, I was always told that one sin is not worse then any other.

which means Morgan, that they really do think not believing in god is the same as killing...well, the sect my family followed that is. to this day, I'm still not even sure what sect that is.
There are a number of verses in the bible that say that apostasy is the one unpardonable sin. That's why so many christians just block their ears as soon as you question anything - they're afraid they'll damn themselves irrevocably if they question anything.


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