I think it was on T/A that I read someone's response to a Christian who was rationalizing his religion.  The dissenter pointed out that even among the other religions, Christianity is one of the least plausible, with "X" religion (I don't remember; something I had never heard of) being the most plausible.  


I think that's an interesting thing to think about.  Which religion do you think is the most plausible?


NOTE:  Perhaps I should word it this way:  which religion is the least preposterous?  If I asked you to rank the religions (atheism is not a religion) by most plausible to least plausible, you would rank "1. X, 2. Y, 3. Z" and so on.  You would not say "none of the above" because I'm not asking "which religion is plausible."  I think we can all agree that none of the religions are plausible (at least not plausible enough to accept because, well, most of us here on Think Atheists are atheists :D)

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Brahmanism has a lot more to it than just stating that everything is connected. Also, it doesn't provide any proof, just like every other religion.
Ok, well just the general concept of everything being connected then, like the bald guy at the mall explained to me.
The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
LAWLS.  I must say, after reading the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster that a friend gave to me years ago, FSM is much more plausible than Christianity.
Neither. All religions and superstitions share one key common characteristic: irrational belief without a shred of evidence. Some are just more fundamentalist and violent than others.
So christianity must be the least plausible... it is by far the most contradictory. I'd say Scientology probably would make the most sense - aliens could exist... they really could and the story at least fits in with modern scientific view. Sure it was created by a science fiction writer but it is a hell of a lot better than the rest of the rubbish people believe
Oh, come on!!  A "god"™ sacrificing himself to himself to mollify his rage at his own creation makes perfect sense.  So does "jesus"™ in the guise of his part self, the "holy ghost," with the connivance of his other self, "godthefather"™ screwing his own mother.  Or was he just watching?
no religion is plausible, no magical explanation of the world is needed
My religion, now give me money.... God needs it.
:) :) :)


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