I think it was on T/A that I read someone's response to a Christian who was rationalizing his religion.  The dissenter pointed out that even among the other religions, Christianity is one of the least plausible, with "X" religion (I don't remember; something I had never heard of) being the most plausible.  


I think that's an interesting thing to think about.  Which religion do you think is the most plausible?


NOTE:  Perhaps I should word it this way:  which religion is the least preposterous?  If I asked you to rank the religions (atheism is not a religion) by most plausible to least plausible, you would rank "1. X, 2. Y, 3. Z" and so on.  You would not say "none of the above" because I'm not asking "which religion is plausible."  I think we can all agree that none of the religions are plausible (at least not plausible enough to accept because, well, most of us here on Think Atheists are atheists :D)

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Can't blame a girl for trying ;) Love your avatar by the way!
Is this theist guy an ex-husband or something?
Lol!! I don't know. I haven't studied the specimen. (And I have no plans to either)
I understand perfectly.  The mods here will be glad to help you out (I think) if he gets to be a problem.
I like feeding the trolls. They liven up the living room :D
I'm not afraid. Fear is what kept me believing in a god that can not be proved. Fear is what kept me from telling my family that their god and their bible just doesn't add up. Fear is what kept me religious. I am no longer afraid.

It is amazing how many responses are "none of the above"

What is amazing? That all religions are so fundamentally flawed & yet they have so many sheeple, erm followers.

However, when it comes to religion, it is not only a blind spot, but religion seems to trigger Myoclonic Seizure reactions.

Yes and you know this because you're an expert on atheism, aren't you?

Atheists know more about religion than most theists. A very common reason why many people left their religion is that they read their holy scriptures.

I think the correct sentence would be - While most religious folks are tolerant of other religions, when it comes to atheism they go completely mental.

Atheism is a religion, otherwise there would not be followers religiously following this stance.

Oh boy!. Your ignorance is really shining through.

Like Heather said

Atheism is a religion as much as OFF is a TV channel.

You want more?

Atheism is a religion, as much as not playing a sport is a sport.

Atheism is a religion, as much as not being in a cult is being in a cult.

Atheism is a religion, as much as not having an opinion is an opinion.

Atheism is a religion, as much as not having a job is a job.

I could go on.

One can find flaws in every religion, but that does not mean the whole religion is false.  Just like a car might have a cracked windshield, but that does not men the car should be abandoned due to the one flaw.

Oh yeah, because every car says that its the only *real* car, other cars are false cars & travelling in another car will get you a one way ticket to hell. Religions do state that they & their god provide the ultimate truth & not following in the path laid by god will get you into hell & a whole lot of other nonsense. If you claim universal truth, then any crack in your manifesto should bring down the entire religion.

Seriously man, can't you think of a better analogy?

However, unlike cars, it seems that all religions seem to have the same message.  They are the ONE church, and all others are suspect.  Which is a subject I would thoroughly discuss on another discussion.

Finally something you typed that isn't nonsense. And its annoying because it kinda makes the point I made above moot. But I'll keep it anyways.

Back to the call of the question.  It seems to me that Atheism is the least plausible religion.  Our lives are the result of billions of years of random actions of nature, and no matter what we do with our lives does not matter.


Do you believe that if there is no god, there is no point in living? That if it were proved there is no god you would stop working, going out, having fun, living life? Do you believe that what we do in our lives, specially what many great people have done in their lives has no significance if there isn't a god?

I suspect people are atheists because it is easier than seeking the religion that is if not the right one, at least the right one for them.

Yeah, and you know this because you're an expert on atheists & atheism are you? Oh wait, we just established you are not. So this is just random nonsense from a closed theistic mind.

Its more accurate to say that people believe in religion because, among other things, they don't wanna think for themselves.

Even if there is no God, religion has many societal benefits.

I'll just answer this with a Steven Wienberg - 

With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

Even Satanism exists acknowledging that the premise that a God exists.

And religions acknowledge the premise of evil. The two beliefs are co-dependent.

I would be curious to see the results of a survey of Atheists of the ratio how many Atheists believe the Devil exists.

I can't speak for every atheist, but I don't believe in the devil. Though I doubt many, if any, atheists would believe in the devil, as it is a concept similar to belief in god.

Back to the call of the question, if one removes Atheism from the mix.  Personally, I think that Muslim/Islam is the least plausible.

And you say this because you have extensive knowledge of all of the religions of the world & have made your choice based on this knowledge. Or did you watch about the 72 virgins on the news & saw the handiwork of islamic terrorists & made up your mind? I could look at Westboro Baptist Church & come to the same conclusion about Christianity. Isolated verses from the bible make me believe that fundamentally Xanity is just as evil as islam. I'd take the pacifist religions like Jainism & Buddhism over the other any day, though they do come with their own baggage.

Your 'cars' metaphor needs work.  If you want to put religion into an automotive perspective, then it should be compared to the engine of the car (because 'god' is what makes the universe 'go', right? if not, why call him god?).  If the engine block is cracked, you definitely abandon it, and at the peril of life and limb if you do not.

Roy, I think there are a lot of responses to this thread that have answered your claims more than sufficiently but I thought I would just add my 2c. Regarding your statement:

Personally, I think that Muslim/Islam is the least plausible.

You do realise that islam, like christianity, is based on the abrahamic religion of judaism. They have in a sense "evolved" from the same roots because of different interpretations. They both originate from the old testament. So by you asserting that islam is the least plausible, your are by extension inferring that christianity is as implausible.

Perhaps you should do a bit of research and come back with a new answer...

English translations of the bible are contaminated with the dogma of the sect doing the translation.


Most notably, the dogma of the Trinity. There is also the Roman notion that he died on Friday and rose on Sunday. In truth he dead at the start of the Passover Sabbath in the middle of the week and rose early Sunday. 3 days and night can not elapse starting on Friday.  This is just tipping  the iceberg of the  paper machete impostor, that the world defines as Christianity.

As opposed to YOUR brand of Christianity? Yours is the real one, right?
As a posted above the real one performs illogical miracles. It must put up or shut up!


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