I just can't decide which religion bothers me more.


In one corner we have christianity which is represented by the majority of the population of the United States (around 78%). At the forefront, and speaking for what seems to be a least half of the population of the US as represented by recent elections, are the Republican presidential candidates and congressional leaders, the majority of which actually publicly denounce reason and intellect in their constant attacks on science. I find this disturbing on so many levels. The mere fact that our supposed leaders are so delusional in their thinking makes me worry for the future. I'm all for debates on reason, but when I here crap like this it makes me fearful that these people will take complete control of all three branches of government. If this happens we will be plunged into a dark age like the western world has not seen in hundreds of years.


In the opposing corner we have Islam. I think it would be fair to make a very generalized statement that the worst that Islam has to offer can be found in societies that are considered third world and therefor have not allowed their population to become educated, or the population does not have the resources the become educated, the result being that they are trapped in a bronze age mentality of thinking and behaving that is devoid of independent thought. ie stoning, beheading, terrorism and the list goes on. I would venture to guess, that the more educated or westernized the society is, the less radical Islam is rampant. Take the USA for example. Again only speculation, but I would say that the vast majority of muslims here are moderate and do not adhere to the severe laws of sharia in terms of the treatment of women and retributions that result in not following the Koran word for word. Is this due to our laws or our society being more progressive? I'm not sure. Then again, to counter that, we can look at France, a more progressive nation, albeit with a larger and more expanding muslim populous, where if you do not like what a newspaper has to say, you don't write the editor, you bomb and destroy the newspaper


So in summary: Islam offers us violence and severe misogynistic laws and ideas whereas Christianity, although peppered with violence (child abuse comes to mind), is mostly about mind control and complete delusional thinking devoid of reason leading our nation into the 21st century. I'm not talking historically here becuase yes we could bring up the crusades etc...but I am talking right now. Which is worse? Which do you think is more dangerous to our society and our world?





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