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The Latter Day Saint movement, including Mormonism, originated in the 1820s in western New York. Founded by Joseph Smith, Jr., the faith drew its first converts while Smith was dictating the text of the Book of Mormon. This book described itself as a chronicle of early indigenous peoples of the Americas, portraying them as believing Israelites, and calling for their "restoration" to the Christian faith. Smith claimed he translated over 500 pages in about 60 days,[3] and that it was an ancient record translated "by the gift and power of God".[4] During production of this work in mid-1829, Smith, his close assoc...

Joseph Smith claimed to have seen a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ in Spring of 1820 as answer to his question of which faith he should join. This vision of God the Father and of Jesus Christ as two separate personages was purportedly Smith's basis for the difference in doctrine between much of Orthodox Christianities' doctrines of the nature of God and Mormonism's. Sometimes referred to as the "First Vision" by members of the Latter Day Saint Movement the account is considered to be the sacred writing of a modern day Moses contained in the "Pearl of Great Price"(Pearl of Great Price, JSH 1). As early as 1829 a Palmyra, New York newspaper satirist Abner Cole wrote a column called "The Book of Pukei" making fun of Smith's claim to have seen God and Jesus Christ among other things (Russell C. McGregor and Kerry A. Shirts, "Letters to an Anti-Mormon," 1999, p. 160). Also see The Reflector, in Palmyra, New York, reported in 1830 that "Oliver Cowdery and '...

The Church of Christ grew steadily, but from the beginning in 1830,...

Several smaller groups of Mormons broke with the LDS Church over th...


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Scientology is the only religion that is officially recognized as a criminal organization by various governments.
It's a tie....they are equally absurd!
Catholicism and all the other ones.


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