I'm having a discussion with a christian and I feel that I'm being trapped.

His point seems to be: "You tweet and talk about God, therefor God is on your mind, therefor you believe in God. Haha, got ya".

I'm kinda stuck here. I'm sure there is a logical fallacy here, but can't identify it.
Any tips on how to respond to this whould be greatly appreciated.

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Here's a list of (Funny) Arguments for the existence of god.


It's usually called the fallacy of Bad Analogy or maybe Reifying

It's not on the List of Arguments on the site, so let's call it a new one:

- If you are thinking of god
- then it exists.

It's just as absurd as "I was thinking of talking about a unicorn, so I believe in unicorns"

So the proper response to him is: "You know what I'm thinking of right now? I think you like to rape children. Therefore You raping children is on my mind, Therefore You raping children is TRUE".

And forgive me for being upfront with you... wouldn't that be a little pathetic for you if you get stuck with that kind of argument?? :\ sorry.
I think the Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness might cover this (a type of reification).
Yes, I know. Not very experienced at this yet.
Good luck mate.
Sometimes it's like Richard Prior in "See no Evil, Hear no Evil". I need someone to point me in the right direction so I can start swinging.
if that's what he thinks then I don't think you should even waste your time talking about religion with him. That has to be the worst point I've seen. If you cant make a simple point stick with him then he will never understand where you are coming from.
God and the supernatural is the single biggest fraud in all history. It continues to wreak havoc on the world. It can be fairly claimed that the revealed, Abrahamic, religions have been THE most divisive influence in the history of mankind.

That's why we . . . or any other thinking person . . . think about it. We are concerned about the consequences of religion. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
Atheist exile .You have put it in a nutshell. I often ask when I am told that there is a god I just ask which God they are talking about, start to rattle off names of gods, after about 10 they give up.
Their god is supposed to love children, how many hundreds of thousands die each day , I do not want to believe in such a being even if they can find so many excuses to why evil is rampant in this World.
God is not on your mind. Your disturbance that people believe in the spaghetti monster is what actually is on your mind. There’s a difference.
That is absurd.

Ask him if Galileo's concern about a terracentric universe made it true.

How do you even debate a person like this. ugh.
It's okay. Giving up on a person doesn't mean you lost.


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