I started a manifesto explaining life and the universe that was based on that there is no Devine Creator, no God. It also was based on no presence of mystical energies or reincarnation of "life force/soul" entities. I began with the title "The new odd atheist bible."


This is my odd way of introducing me as new around here. So if the discussion I am starting is redundant let me know and I will pull it off the board. As you see I stole from Micheal S. with respect to the title. Thank you M.S. - fellow A-person.



Actually I did publish a preliminary manifesto, The Odd Average Atheist Bible on lulu, but I need to redo it a litltle. In it, I am mostly kind and good natured to Christian and Jewish religion and a bit kind to former myth religion. But hear here, I can let loose a couple of critisms.


Bug Me 1 - the smug attitude that if they err wrong and against tenents of their religion, it does not matter in the long run because "if they have faith then no matter what they go to heaven."


Bug Me 2 - Lying and planning contigient lies lead to rape, murder, theft, war. Yet the "holy bible" is wholly hazy about the need for 100% honesty in interpersonal relations, in international relations. Is the stongest language something like "thou shalt not tell untruths about neighbors?"


Bug Me 3 - If there was a god, it is against reason for people to pray for a team to "make a first down". A corrolary to this is the amount of wasted human brain power is spent praying. I am a true atheist and there is no thing to pray to for wants and needs. I hope, I hope against all hope (for fate to act unusual). That's it.


Bug Me 4 - The stupid Pope is perverted. For years to "shock discourse" I would state that humanity could be explained by the statement "the Pope is perverted." As everone knew the Pope was not perverted it made me defend my position. It was the Pope was a tiny tiny bit perverted whereas someone like Charles Manson was very very perverted whereas someone like me was just an average person with about average perversions. My point being we are all endowed with all human traits, just to a different degree. Now I find out the priests are perverted sort of often.


Bug Me 5 - In this manifesto I wrote, I bring up that civilization is teetering on Population Growth Chaos. It is not pretty. Math says when in chaos, in a century it could happen 6 billion more people will die than are born. With that is the risk civilization is replaced by barbarianism. God beleivers and their leaders irresponsibly promote more babies.


Bug Me 6 - If suicide is necessary to make relevant a "god/religion" that is irrelevant or persecuted, than please make it a spectacle that kills only the suicidee.


Please, I need new angles on the question if you have time. thx.



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Assuming that because we are not believers, our lives are lacking something.. everything! I have family members feeling sorry for me, praying for me. I have had complete strangers come up to me at railway stations, initially asking to share a table but then starting to give me the bigt sell. One tried to force a copy of the new testament on me, "I know you don't believe but I would like you to accept this!" I told him I was insulted, I wouldn't do the same to him and to please leave me alone! He had already assumed that because I am involved in charity work that "you are a christian woman then?" I asked him why he would assume that one would have to be a christian in order to do something good for another human being? The only people he knows who do charity work are christians!! There was steam coming out of my ears by the time my pal arrived and we got the train. Grrrrrrrr......the arrogance of these people.  

1.  The fact that they assume that atheists are either angry at god or uninformed.  They think that we're stupid enough to believe that we can either choose to disbelieve in god because we're angry, or that we simply say we don't believe in god but don't really mean it deep down.  Or, that if they simply introduce us to some scripture, we'll suddenly realize we've been wrong all along.  The most annoying thing as that half the time we can argue circles around them on religious matters, and since they can't convince us, they eventually give up in frustration and bury their heads deeper in the bible rather than admit that they can't hold their own in a debate with us.

Keeping everything a few centuries backwards than it should be. Opposing homosexuality (and sexual freedom in general), stem cell research (and science in general), euthanasia and eugenics (and transhumanist initiatives in general), condoning racism, sexism and child abuse... all in all being laggard dickheads.


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