I started a manifesto explaining life and the universe that was based on that there is no Devine Creator, no God. It also was based on no presence of mystical energies or reincarnation of "life force/soul" entities. I began with the title "The new odd atheist bible."


This is my odd way of introducing me as new around here. So if the discussion I am starting is redundant let me know and I will pull it off the board. As you see I stole from Micheal S. with respect to the title. Thank you M.S. - fellow A-person.



Actually I did publish a preliminary manifesto, The Odd Average Atheist Bible on lulu, but I need to redo it a litltle. In it, I am mostly kind and good natured to Christian and Jewish religion and a bit kind to former myth religion. But hear here, I can let loose a couple of critisms.


Bug Me 1 - the smug attitude that if they err wrong and against tenents of their religion, it does not matter in the long run because "if they have faith then no matter what they go to heaven."


Bug Me 2 - Lying and planning contigient lies lead to rape, murder, theft, war. Yet the "holy bible" is wholly hazy about the need for 100% honesty in interpersonal relations, in international relations. Is the stongest language something like "thou shalt not tell untruths about neighbors?"


Bug Me 3 - If there was a god, it is against reason for people to pray for a team to "make a first down". A corrolary to this is the amount of wasted human brain power is spent praying. I am a true atheist and there is no thing to pray to for wants and needs. I hope, I hope against all hope (for fate to act unusual). That's it.


Bug Me 4 - The stupid Pope is perverted. For years to "shock discourse" I would state that humanity could be explained by the statement "the Pope is perverted." As everone knew the Pope was not perverted it made me defend my position. It was the Pope was a tiny tiny bit perverted whereas someone like Charles Manson was very very perverted whereas someone like me was just an average person with about average perversions. My point being we are all endowed with all human traits, just to a different degree. Now I find out the priests are perverted sort of often.


Bug Me 5 - In this manifesto I wrote, I bring up that civilization is teetering on Population Growth Chaos. It is not pretty. Math says when in chaos, in a century it could happen 6 billion more people will die than are born. With that is the risk civilization is replaced by barbarianism. God beleivers and their leaders irresponsibly promote more babies.


Bug Me 6 - If suicide is necessary to make relevant a "god/religion" that is irrelevant or persecuted, than please make it a spectacle that kills only the suicidee.


Please, I need new angles on the question if you have time. thx.



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None. The behaviors of a fictional character are meaningless since fictional characters don't have any behavior at all; they aren't real. Now, the behavior of the people who can't tell reality from fantasy, that bugs me all day long.....

"Everything happens for a reason" or "It's part of god's plan"


My boyfriend is a widower with three daughters.  They were 11, 5, and 22 months old when she passed away from leukemia that was discovered when she was pregnant with the baby.  That was almost 10 years ago.  He and I have been dating for 4 1/2 years and when I discussed the "why's" of the situation with my ex-best friend, one of her replies was that she died so that he and I would eventually meet.  I was dumbfounded and we are no longer friends.

what bugs me is the lighting of candles, the burning of incense, the splashing of water(holy water). Man, its two thousand and fuckin ten,not the year twenty or the year one hundred and six . we,as a society, do not do any thing else based on 2000 year old technology, so why the fuck would a person structure their life around a book written 2000 + years ago. a book written by men to control men, come on , people.. the bible didnt float down out of the sky,its a compilation of writings put together to , for lack of a better phrase, control men(people)..when i see the pope on tv or any one high up in the catholic church i see the same comedy as if i was looking at a hollywood version of a pimp, now i despise both priests and pimps but does anyone else see the same image when looking at the two..you know, they both have chaliss,gaudy rings that they force people to kiss,gold sticks,funny hats, shamlessly ugly robes that other men franticly try to keep off the ground,their own language..hell it goes on and on...i guess its the standard uniform for the enslaver of the mind...thank you for the chance to share


The things that bug me the most are:


First off the Garden of Eden; there are four things that bother me when it concerns the subject.

  • No talking snakes have existed or ever existed! It's no different then a talking Lion or Wombat, its myth, a fantasy, nothing more than a child's dreams. Let's
    not even talk about the fact that snakes lack the very capability to speak
    in the first place. Well, unless maybe you can teach them morse code
    hissing. Now if they had introduced into the story a talking parrot then I
    could believe that.
    Talking Parrots are entirely more believable than a talking
  • No Garden of Eden, anywhere. Where is it? At least Atlantis had Plato, whose writings I find are far more convincing than the bible. Considering there
    is proof he actually existed.
  • Without the story of the "original sin" then there would have been no point to Jesus death. There had to be a sin in order for him to die.
  • Then there was the fact that Adam and Evil had no concept of good or evil. Any parent knows if you never explain the concept of good and bad to your child, then
    toss them into a room with the most delicious looking cookies ever, and
    tell them "These are the yummiest cookies mommy ever made, BUT you
    can't eat them, EVER". Yeah you can see how that would turn out; you
    come back, no cookies. In short god sucks at being a parent and in no way
    should anyone follow by his example. 

The second thing that bugs me is that stupid saying, "Hate the sin but love the sinner".

I think of that exact saying every time I read and/or about the molestation and rape charges against the church. Hate the act they committed but love and
protect them from punishment. Great plan; what better way to lesson human

The third; the theist belief that god is an absolute. They make claim that god exists, no proof required. In their arguments they request that you to prove he
doesn’t exist. How can you prove something does or doesn’t exist when there is
no proof of its existence in the first place? For me that’s easy, no proof, no existence.
You can’t make a positive claim about something irrational then turn around and
expect someone else to prove a negative. It’s irrational and shows just how
much they lack the ability to reason. Now take in the account that all

There are probably a hundred things that bug me, so I won’t list them all. These are just the ones that have come up recently.

I find it interesting that the responses are not based on empirical research. For example, the concept of the talking snake in the Bible. This type of language is not only found in the Bible but in other religions as well. In fact, it is also found in ancient historical writings (non-religious). The Samaritans are considered to be a civilization that existed over 5000 years ago, that's before the birth of Judaism. These ancient documents speak of an "edon" and of talking reptilian creatures. It may also interest some that there have been archeological discoveries made of entire skeletons which support the stories of "giants" (over 20 ft. tall) spoken of in the Bible and other religious and non-religious ancient texts. This is science, not opinion. But one must be thorough in one's research because there are hoaxes out there as well.

@Angel, The writings of the Sumerians are primarily religious, not historical. Their myths, along with those of other pre-Judaic civilizations in the region were drawn heavily upon when the Semitic peoples were creating the myths of the Bible. 


Regarding giant hominid skeletal remains, there are none from the region and time of the old testament. There was a hominid called Gigantopithicus which may have been almost 10 feet tall.  It lived in Asia and is thought to have gone extinct about 300, 000 years ago.

I no more believe in talking snakes as I do in unicorns, dragons, mermaids, and/or the tooth fairy. That is it. If I for what ever reason I decided that I must believe in talking snakes simply because a book tells me so then I might a well believe in unicorns since there are tones of books written about them, probably more so than talking snakes.


Religion has always claimed some kind of talking animal, and/or spirit. It doesn't make it fact. Nor does it make it historical fact. For all anyone knows they ate some bad mushrooms, were on drugs, and/or had a mental disorder. I know a girl who took too much acid once, she swore up and down a Tyrannosaurus Rex told her to buy a pack of gum from a 7-11. Not just any gum Juicy Fruit. No one else knew she took the acid so who other than myself shouldn't believe that she really did or didn't see a T-Rex?  Who's to say I don't have purple trolls under my desk or a mermaid in my bathtub...


As for the giants, I believe Bill summed that up better than I could have. Since I am not versed on the subject.


I can't stand it that they use the bible for thier "evidence" instead of researching facts about thier beliefs to support WHY they believe how they do. Even then, everything is always based on "faith"..... the TRUE facts about the bible (the stories that have SOME truth in them) were compleatly misconstrued... or those that didn't happen at all.... But they continue to use the bible as if there is NOTHING false about it. UGH!

Oh... There is more that irks me about them..... and no, I don't dislike them.... well, not all of them, lol.
I write about that when I can get my mind straight after my 2 kids go to bed tonight, lol.

I think the number 1 thing that drives me crazy about Christians is how they all love to walk around, with their chests held high, 'secure' in their delusions of grandeur, acting as if they are holier than thou. too good to be true. But, in the same breath, they are the first to rape, murder, molest, attack, obstinately defend their irrationality, and resort to unfair judgments of people behind their backs, and resort to criticizing other religions, even religions that are exceedingly similar and rationally makes no sense to talk badly about (example: a Lutheran talking badly about Catholics? What?! Lutheranism stems from Catholicism!).
Their...killing the ppl who do not want to part of their religion,blind faith, and illogical approach towards problem solving.
What bugs me is the fact that none of them follow their own beliefs.  I'm all about live and let live to a point, but when you cannot live out your beliefs, and you lack the integrity to enforce and edify your own beliefs, you totally suck in my eyes.  So, you're a christian huh?  Bullshit, sell everything you have, give up everything and follow Jebus then.  But don't preach to me about the way the truth and the life when you're living a life that in your saviors own words condemn you to hell, because you're too fucking ignorant to know what your savior says you must do.  Love your enemies, sell your shit, and quit forcing your ideas on others.
What really bugs me is all the time we waste debating with these fucks.  We should just laugh at them and tell them to shut the hell up.


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