My guess is that this is a fairly large community. Though I don't think the same would be applicable when it comes to Egypt.

Hello everyone... I'm an atheist (weak agnostic atheist, but we'll get to philosophy later) residing in Egypt. As many would have guessed from the news, I do live in a xenophobic society. It has been quite a ride for me, I've started as a god fearing muslim that born and raised within a very religious family and cultural setting.

I've started as a very religious person, memorized about 1/3 of the quran, prayers, the works. Traveled to the U.S. on a cultural exchange program, got my cultural shock, understood that "America" is not all about naked women walking the streets, devil worshiping, and whatever the state controlled media shoves down everybody's throat; and people that are not "muslims" don't really bite!

Then from there I've started to explore about everything around me, all shades of theists, diving into philosophy, going into discussions about the divine with almost everyone that shows signs of possessing more than 2 digits of IQ. Finally arriving at the fact that really no one could ever tell for certain if a divine exists or not.

Found a very intellectual friend in Cairo, we clicked, we started to have 4-6 hours discussions when the power goes out for prolonged periods of time. He was a strong Atheist... and at this stage I was more of a strong agnostic theist that likes Pascal's wager. It was quite obvious that he really knew his stuff and have read tons about it. So I did the same, and started more thinking and currently I'm a weak agnostic atheist.

All in all. I don't have anything against religions, I do have a lot against people that believe in it, claim that they will go to "heaven" and everybody else going to "hell" because they don't believe in what they believe verbatim.

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Thanks Nelson!

I don't really think it should be blind courage though. I wouldn't for example express myself like that openly in Egypt, at least if I want to keep my head attached to my body. But as for Western Democracies, I would certainly marsh to express my beliefs or lack thereof.

Great place, great people. :-)

Communication is key Shay. If humankind are meant to progress, they need to communicate, understand each other, and coexist. Sadly, I couldn't find that here. I'll try to write here as much as life/work doesn't get in the way.

Thanks for the support :-)


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