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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Bets for the next big 'End Times' after 2012? I'm going for 2033ish, which will be 2000 years after the reported death of Jesus.
Oops, Dave G, ummmm look for my reply down there:

Still working out the kinks in this here blog thingee......

@Dave G: Yep, I hear ya. Wasn't it only just 1999 when we were being told to get ready that next year for the triumphant return of Jebus??? I guess he couldn't make past Homeland Security or Immigration at the airport, eh? It's probably that Middle Eastern tan he had from 2000 years ago.

But they do keep moving the goalposts on that "return" date of his, now don't they? I just hope the poor guy doesn't show up talking peace and love and all that crap.

Nobody will listen to a word he's sayin...... /snark

1999-Return of Jeeeezus
2000 Y2K
2008 Antichrist Obama
2012 Mayan Calendar runs out of rock. (Woah.. how hilarious would it be if some future civilization thought it was the end of the world every time they found one of MY filled up day planners?_
@Misty: Mo's Pitbull! LULZ!!!!

You know, your comment made me realize that our pretty much all of our "his"tory is in reality nothing more that what passed for the daytimers back in olden times and of course, personal diaries. Which are always to be seen as accurate founts of knowledge. Right.

Given the fact that the vast majority of the world's populace couldn't read their own names back in the day, it reveals to us more clearly than anything else the pivotal role that religion has played. And very likely why it is that "we" seem to not only make the worst possible errors in judgment, but continue to repeat those same errors long after it has become perfectly clear how stupid we are to do so.

Ignorance and fear is awesome. And the church exploited this to the max.

And still does.....

RHETORICAL QUESTION O' THE DAY: Why is it that I always feel like I want a stiff drink after thinking about religion?.

Non Rhetorical Question O'The Day: Why is it that I always have a stiff drink when I'm thinking about religion?
Answer: Because I pretty much always have a stiff drink!
..except in the early mornings, or if I'm actually out doing which case I'm thinking about whatever it is I'm out doing, which isn't religion.


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