Catholics pilgrimage to the Vatican

Muslims pilgrimage to Mecca

Jews pilgrimage to Israel 

Christians pilgrimage back to Jerusalem 

How come us Atheists don't get a cool pilgrimage field trip? And if we did,where would it be to?

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We don't have a prescribed, arbitrary doctrine of stuff we must do to be "good" atheists.  That's why.

I know,but I still want to go on a cool Atheist field trip,somewhere! 

The next Big Opportunity is the Reason Rally.  Of course that might not fit your interests, I guess you'd need to define what would make a field trip "atheist."

They go to the museum of nature :-)

I had a similar thought, actually, but wasn't sure what Lord Atheist would find represents "Atheism" to him (her?).  But I've found the Denver, Chicago and Smithsonian (in Washington DC) natural history museums to be excellent.  Others probably are too, I just haven't seen them.

Just For NodoG's Sake stay away from that Creation Museum in Kentucky!

stay away from that Creation Museum in Kentucky

The moment I read that it occurred to me that the Creation Museum is actually the FIRST place I'd nominate as the Atheist "Mecca". You can see the ultimate in theistic idiocy, have a beer and a laugh at Ken Ham's Ark, have a photo taken riding a dinosaur (like people did 6000 years ago), and piss off a whole lot of Christians in the process. Sounds to me like a great pilgrimage.

How about an atheist convention in Petersburg, Ky on 13-Apr-17 - Hitch's birthday.)

The problem is, you have to give a lot of money to an utter asshat.

I like your Idea Mike, maybe combine it with a Gay Pride Parade, that should give them a chance to show some Christian Love (maybe a lynching or two).

I just go into my own head/brain.

Strega you kill me, you really do. :)

Yoga and a special mantra.


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