I don't necessarily believe in spirits or the after life, but I do wonder sometimes; where does our energy go once we die? Conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Any theories?

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RE: "I wonder if I could find a biblical verse to prove it?" - yeah, the universal catch-all: "God works in mysterious ways!"

But back to reality - in the beginning, there was nothing but energy. With time, the energy condensed into matter and antimatter, which self-annihilated, releasing the energy contained in the matter and antimatter - where is this energy? Is it not, as we speak, condensing once again, somewhere, somehow, and into what? Entirely matter? Or another balance of matter and antimatter? Is there any reason to believe impersonal energy would have a preference?

When scientists say - and they have - that they have measured all of the matter in the universe, and determined there's not nearly enough to cause a Big Crunch, are they counting Dark Matter? The matter/antimatter into which the energy released from the original annihilation could coalesce ?

As Travolta, in his role as Vinnie Barbarino used to say, "I'm SO confused!"


Well the residual Heat Energy from the BB is what we see in the CMBR. Could it be that all the remaining matter (planets, stars, etc.) accounts for it? Their total mass equals that remaining energy as in E=M.

As photons were also created at the same time as matter and antimatter they too are positively charged. But how can this be if they have no mass (like me on Sundays). Because they are also waves as well as particles and their charge comes from their frequency (rather than their mass) which introduced “C” into the equation along with “E” and “M”.

If a photon of light travels at 300,000km per/sec and you followed it in a spaceship travelling at 299,999km per/sec that photon would still be travelling away from you at 300,000km per/sec. So somewhere in that concept is the “C squared” part. The only way to catch up with that photon would be for your spaceship to taken on infinite mass (energy) but that can’t happen because the amount of available energy is finite….thanks to the BB.

Please pokes holes in my reasoning……

Interestingly (and conversely), I read some years ago - I believe in a book by Kaku, but then, it could have been Feynman - that if one were traveling at 99.9999% of the speed of light, a photon, moving at light speed, could never catch up - seems illogical, and I no longer have access to the math.

In your example, as the ship neared lightspeed, it would also acquire infinite mass, and time would slow to a last infinite second - the photon, having no mass, wouldn't be affected.

The dead don't eat food, they are food. Well OK, unless you are a zombie.

Into the environment around us. Organic compounds/materials are consumed by animals/bacteria till a ground state reached where little change is taking place. In soils, organic humic compounds are fairly stable, or need higher temperatures to decompose further.

So cource maybe you would rather have a full embalming, and issolation in a box, waiting till you are taken up by space aliens, or ? crazyness...  

The energy you are talking about is the energy that powers our brain. It come from the food we eat. When you die, your stomach stops turning food energy into simple chemical energy. The energy still exists, it is still in the food. Likewise with the energy in your blood, which has been stopped mid-transit to your brain, there is still energy in the blood, it will probably give sustinence to a plant someday. Once the energy flow to the brain stops, it quickly runs out of energy (as it uses alot) and stops running.

Energy is the vibration/motion of stuff, Energy cannot exist without stuff and stuff cannot exist without energy... this energy gets dispersed in the environment, and transferred into the cycle of life, from bacteria , to plants , to animals... and spreads out... consciousness is the operating system of one's mind which people on this planet commonly refer to as a soul. So like a computer that has died, and thrown in the trash heap, the data on the old hard drives dissipates including its operating system, as the magnetic surface gets corrupted. Since the brain's consciousness/operating system is stored electrochemically, as the brain decays , and molecules get recycled in nature, so its pulled apart and loses its integrity and becomes corrupted, so no ghosts, after life etc... but it can be debatable that the chances of a single memory stored electrochemically remains intact and goes through bacteria to plants to animals and gets assembled in the construction of a baby in a womb and that brain recognizes its a memory , which the person would call it a past-life memory are rather slim....

(On a possibly related note, I just made up the word Choprashite. I see no reference to it in Google, so I'd like to trademark it right away, please.)

Choprashite® ^_^

Nice.  Does that mean "shit shit" then?  I will try to use it in a sentence today.  Since my new job seems to involve visiting people's homes and their incontinent dogs I should have no problem.

It is true that energy cannot be destroyed (other than converting it to matter, but of course it can be converted back--the real thing being conserved is mass-energy).  But it can end up in a thoroughly inaccessible form.

In order to do something with energy we generally have to get it to move something, or we work off the transfer of heat (this is how steam and internal combustion engines work, for instance).  But heat won't transfer from point A to point B if they are already at the same temperature.  And it's the ultimate fate of all energy to manifest itself as heat, and eventually, all of the energy in the universe will be done moving around because it will all be heat and everything will be the same temperature.  At which point the amount of energy is the same as it always was... but there is no useable energy left; you can't make it do work (which includes running life processes).

This is conceptually what the second law of thermodynamics is all about.

Awesome explanation


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