I don't necessarily believe in spirits or the after life, but I do wonder sometimes; where does our energy go once we die? Conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Any theories?

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Into whatever consumes our remains, then into whatever consumes theirs, it's the circle of life. Eventually, when the earth melts as Sol becomes a Red Giant, it will all become part of the sun, and ultimately be blasted into space when Sol goes Nova, to possibly become yet another star with planets that may, or may not support life forms.

Where does our energy go? Into the place it was before we were born. 


I like the question. I'm no scientist or nothin', but I think the energy we're talking about comes from the electrical activity of our bodies; protons are positively charged, neutrons are neutral, and electrons have a negative charge. Electrical signals sent back and forth through my brain are how I'm typing these words.
When I die, everything stops; no more electricity is created by my atoms, no more signals are sent, and when my heart and brain stops, what energy that's left simply dissipates into the surrounding Universe.

As much as we superstitious humans like to think there's something special about our 'energy', I think it's no different than that of any other life form.

If you are lucky enough to be killed and eaten by another animal or person your life force becomes a part of them and continues on. If you die uneaten, your life force drifts free into the aether where it is gradually torn apart, slowly, horrifically.


Seriously, though, once your brain stops working the chemical reactions that fueled the processes that were your consciousness just stop. No more energy is created since it is no longer needed. Energy does work - whether fueling physical activity or fueling cognition or creating heat - but it needs to be produced. When you're dead no more energy is being made so it doesn't need to 'go' anywhere.


About universe expansion: the rate at which space itself expands is not limited by the speed of light. Yes, a weird concept but the universe likes to be mysterious at times. (j/k about the universe liking to be anything)


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