Where Do You Stand If/When War Breaks Out With Iran?

Part of my atheism and humanism is my pacifism. However as a realist and a rationalist, and from what I am seeing in the news, war with Iran is a forgone conclusion. Even if we don't attack preemptively, in all likelihood Israel will and we will be bound to support them. This war will be bigger than Iraq and Afghanistan combined and there is a huge chance Russia may support Iran. 

A third war. It's tragic and terrifying. Just as one war ended and talk of withdrawing from Afghanistan begins to move forward, the war hawks have their eyes on yet another conflict.

This one however is not easy.

As an atheist, I can see how the influence of extreme Islam, and the might of the ultimate seat of power the Khomeini, will indeed push Iran in the direction of acquiring a nuclear bomb. So when they say they are looking to nuclear power for peaceful means, can we take them on their word? Can even inspectors tell us the truth? If the country was not a theocracy, perhaps we would not have this problem. 

However, part of me wants to acknowledge history, whereas we were so certain their were wmds in Iraq.

I just don't know what to believe any more or whom.I'm scared for my children. I don't want this country to end up in another war.

Is there another option? What about waiting for the worst case scenario; they acquire a bomb and there goes most of Israel or a city in the US? Then when we attack and at least it will be justified? I just don't know.

Where do do you stand? How does this affect you and your family? Does your atheism have anything to do with it? Is this an inevitable course of events?

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Half a century is not too long to reverse one of the greatest wrong doings in modern political history.

Israel is not a democracy but a theocracy.

The Flying Tigers were considered members of the Chinese military. The Chinese hired them with approval from the U.S government which was very normal for a government to approve during that time period like many countries did during the Spanish Civil War for example. Besides the American Volenteer Group didn't engage in direct combat with the Japanese until December 20th 1941. Make no mistake about it the Japanese were set on going to war with the U.S for Pacific supremacy regardless of whether the Chinese hired a small number of experienced American pilots to help defend China. To paint the Japanese as being justified in attacking the U.S or any of the other nations in the Pacific is totally off base. The Japanese commited some of the most horrible war crimes against the peoples of nations like Korea and China even before the U.S became involved in the war but it's often over looked because the Nazi's get the most attention. The Japanese were just as bad as the Nazi's when in came to treatment of non combatants and held a similar belief of being a superior race. Horrible things happen during war and if we are going to point fingers because the U.S used two small yield Atomic bombs that were really not well understood then we should also point fingers at every nation involved in that war who carpet bombed cities which would be everyone that the ability to do so. I'd also like to point out the fact that more people were killed in single bombing raids using convential incendiary bombs which caused firestorms then even the famous Atomic bombs. This was total war it wasn't the kind of war that ends with both sides still intact it ends when the enemy is brought to their knees and forced to terms. There is much debate on whether the use of the Atomic bombs was needed to end the war there but the idea that the Japanese were ready to surrender isn't quite straight forward as some would suggest. Even after the Emperor (who was a unwilling pawn of  facist military leaders) had decided to surrender after the use of the Atomic bombs and the rapid gains of the Soviet Union high ranking officers attempted to put him under house arrest to stop the surrender in the Kyujo incident. When it comes down to it the Japanese ignored the terms provided to them in order for the Allies to accept their surrender out of pride and there is no way to really say just if they would have really surrendered without further drastic military action via full scale invasion which would have been far more tragic to both the Japanese people and the Allied forces. The evidence is conflicting at best with some showing yes and some showing no. I won't say that the Soviet Union didn't play into the factor on the use of the bombs because it's obvious it played a big part in the choice to use them but it's far more complicated then just showing off the weapons to help curve the Soviets from deciding to continue their drive in Europe and Asia which many believe they may have been far more inclineded to do. You can just look at the Soviet gains from the Japanese in the last days of the war and their actions in Europe after the defeat of the Germans to see what they intended and ponder what would have happened if the Soviets wouldn't have been held back by fear of the Atomic bomb... scary thoughts indeed.  

Very fair and balanced response, Jared. It really helps to know more about the facts involved.

Excellent response.

Change needs to come from within. I would love to see a revolution in Iran but the chances of this now are slim, due to theocratic propaganda and various sanctions against the regime. Any chance of an uprising now would be extinguished as the people would probably rally behind the government in anti-western support. Ah well, let's get this thing over with shall we? Sad to say I'm sick of it already.

I will stand firmly on my deck, armed to the teeth.

Backward, primitive gov't that sponsors terrorism pursuing nuclear weapons?  I'm all for, stopping them.

Now, the real question is whether we should impose our values.  NO, on that front.  Stop the treat, and leave. 

Agree.  Its called a raid.  Get in.  Get out.  Set them back 20 years.  Stop this ideal of nation building.  Thats whats killing the majority of coalition forces.

"Setting them back 20 years"

That is a great plan to ensure theocracy increases it's stranglehold on that nation.

But this will only support the reason to rebuild and retaliate at a later time no?

So let's give them our blessing now?


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