Where Do You Stand If/When War Breaks Out With Iran?

Part of my atheism and humanism is my pacifism. However as a realist and a rationalist, and from what I am seeing in the news, war with Iran is a forgone conclusion. Even if we don't attack preemptively, in all likelihood Israel will and we will be bound to support them. This war will be bigger than Iraq and Afghanistan combined and there is a huge chance Russia may support Iran. 

A third war. It's tragic and terrifying. Just as one war ended and talk of withdrawing from Afghanistan begins to move forward, the war hawks have their eyes on yet another conflict.

This one however is not easy.

As an atheist, I can see how the influence of extreme Islam, and the might of the ultimate seat of power the Khomeini, will indeed push Iran in the direction of acquiring a nuclear bomb. So when they say they are looking to nuclear power for peaceful means, can we take them on their word? Can even inspectors tell us the truth? If the country was not a theocracy, perhaps we would not have this problem. 

However, part of me wants to acknowledge history, whereas we were so certain their were wmds in Iraq.

I just don't know what to believe any more or whom.I'm scared for my children. I don't want this country to end up in another war.

Is there another option? What about waiting for the worst case scenario; they acquire a bomb and there goes most of Israel or a city in the US? Then when we attack and at least it will be justified? I just don't know.

Where do do you stand? How does this affect you and your family? Does your atheism have anything to do with it? Is this an inevitable course of events?

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"You have a responsibility as the most powerful nation on this planet. From my point of view, you are not taking it seriously enough."

As an American citizen I agree with this point. Don't get me wrong I don't want to see a nuclear Iran. I just hope that the US response to Iran is much better thought out than most of our Middle Eastern endeavors have been. However I don't hold out much hope that it will be.

As far as I'm concerned, Iran has no business developing nuclear technologies until they become stable and peaceful.

North Korea nor Pakistan is stable or peaceful and they have nucs.

So, by your thinking, we should let other unstable countries join the club? Not realistic OR logical.

No, not thinking that at all. But one of the reasons we maintain peace with them at all costs is because of "mutually assured destruction".  Is this not one of the reasons Iran would have to acquire a weapon? To prevent a very likely strike that we are talking about to occur?

I think the first thing to do is to stop any trade with Iran. I am often surprised about the double moral standards of democratic nations. On the one hand we hold our democracy very hight, on the other we trade with dictatorships. As a german I am ashamed of some german companies who do make money in Iran, even support their nuclear program. We have to support the right of the people in Iran, not bomb those who want freedom but can't express it!
A war against Iran would be unnecessary, we must fight them with other means. 

I certainly agree with you ideals. Moral consistency would endow us with the true power of democracy. On the other hand, it's a complex world stage. No country or leader can be righteous in all places at all times. Failure will always visit us. The best we can hope for is to be right MOST of the time.

War is obscene. But sometimes, inaction (or inadequate action) is worse.

I agree, that doing nothing is worse sometimes. But I think we still have other options left. 

That's a relatively funny statement, since it's exactly that threat that so scares USA politicians... "How dare they disrupt our flow of petrol" !!

i think there are many options before any sort of hostilities break out. the conflict with Iran as of late is simply a political struggle within the country. this is a populist tug of war between two rival iranian factions. i dont see a war happening, honestly. i think the concept of "war" is being confused with occupation and nation building. two things no nation of any power has been able to sustain. as technology grows, this is even less sustainable. as weak as the u.s. is perceived by some, this nation still has the finest meat grinder ever devised, poor people in one end, ground chuck out the other. most nations, if not all, are actually push overs in a conventional war...its cleaning up the mess that no one knows how to do. as utterly immature and useless we are as a nation (really? more of this?), i would be more worried of Israel jumping into hostile action before any sort peaceful solution is found.

Hey, Robert Karp. I don't believe there will be a war with Iran. Only the fear and loathing, doom gloom and fine-Christian Bible society stirs the fear-fear-fear for fun and votes. Most of the Iranian people want a more modern society as witnessed by the protests in Iran. The People were killed by the Republican Guard and Ayatollah Khameni's thuggish Basiggi Militia. Most of the populace are shut off from any real stake in their affairs while the religious old coots rattle their sabers. Unfortunately, were there a war, then all of the people would be engaged in fighting. I hope that doesn't happen. It would be well and truly stupid.

The same way I felt for both invasions of Iraq, annoyed and pissed off. I watched the film Fair Game last week on DVD, with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, a docudrama about the CIA agent that the WhiteHouse 'outed', leaked to the media (the very people who dared speak of Wikileaks, ha!), blowing her cover, all in the name of perpetuating their own government's lies about imaginary WMDs. Imaginary WMDs are just as annoying as imaginary beings living in the sky. When I watch news about OUR belligerent attitude towards Iran, I get that nasty government fuck-up feeling once again.


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