It's weird if that sounds natural to you. Trust me on this one. 

Just the very idea of adults willingly spending their precious moments of social interaction through a computer is strange in itself. 

I wonder what it says about our evolution as a primate. After all, the hugs and cuddles of today are just the left overs of the essential bug combing and in-grown hair picking of yester-eon. 

Are we becoming ever more sterilized by self hygiene that actual contact is no longer necessary, or even healthy? I mean, all crammed into cities, illness travels fast. Superbugs are learning to evolve faster than antibiotics. Hell, maybe this IS nature at work. 

Think about it. It's been a slippery slope of all sleeping naked together in the cave to wearing furs for protection to ever changing concepts of modesty, huh? The more people we have to live around, the more barriers we physically put up (don't even get me started on emotional space of city goers vs. the physical standing distance deemed acceptable to country folk. *ahem*) 

So it's likely that 'hanging out online' is a concept that will be either all-too familiar or sound boring and pathetic. 

You be the judge.

That said, for all my fellow nerds out there, give me a shout out to your own personal haunts. 

Here are mine: (though only through their facebook page) (though I very rarely actually post anything there. I lurk pretty religiously.) (A beer or four and a read through the site is the only way to relax after a stressful day. I sometimes even leave comments!)

and of course home sweet home, TA. This is where I spend about 75% of my time online. 


Ok. How about you? 







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I recently have made the move to tumblr and spend a lot of my time writing and communicating to others via my blog: The Yorkshire Atheist

I don't think humanities move to social media for "in person" interaction is that bizarre in truth as it allows us to interact with so many different people we may never get a chance to meet in reality. Another important point is that it is also free, we don't have to spend money going to bars, gigs and other hubs of social interaction to converse with each other.

Simply put it is an affordable and easy way of communicating with many people from around the world who have similar interests to our own.


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