It's weird if that sounds natural to you. Trust me on this one. 

Just the very idea of adults willingly spending their precious moments of social interaction through a computer is strange in itself. 

I wonder what it says about our evolution as a primate. After all, the hugs and cuddles of today are just the left overs of the essential bug combing and in-grown hair picking of yester-eon. 

Are we becoming ever more sterilized by self hygiene that actual contact is no longer necessary, or even healthy? I mean, all crammed into cities, illness travels fast. Superbugs are learning to evolve faster than antibiotics. Hell, maybe this IS nature at work. 

Think about it. It's been a slippery slope of all sleeping naked together in the cave to wearing furs for protection to ever changing concepts of modesty, huh? The more people we have to live around, the more barriers we physically put up (don't even get me started on emotional space of city goers vs. the physical standing distance deemed acceptable to country folk. *ahem*) 

So it's likely that 'hanging out online' is a concept that will be either all-too familiar or sound boring and pathetic. 

You be the judge.

That said, for all my fellow nerds out there, give me a shout out to your own personal haunts. 

Here are mine: (though only through their facebook page) (though I very rarely actually post anything there. I lurk pretty religiously.) (A beer or four and a read through the site is the only way to relax after a stressful day. I sometimes even leave comments!)

and of course home sweet home, TA. This is where I spend about 75% of my time online. 


Ok. How about you? 







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ive have a lot of hobbies, so when im online i visit all my news and discussions on mma/kickboxing/boxing) i love competitive fps video games) i can have intelligent discussions on music, guitar playing, and gear) of smart and interesting people here, always cool blogs and videos to watch)


those are the main 5 sites that i visit most often, there's a few others i check in with once in a while but not on a daily basis


Funny you mention personal hygeine -

Just finished having a disccussion about hand washing with a chef - he's all for it as am I- many of our chefs, prep cooks and so on from "some" countries say it's a cultural thing- washing of hands is optional in many places- germ theory is still not known apparently- you make food- WASH YOUR HANDS- no culture is germ, bacteria free- no man or woman that goes to the bathroom is germ and bacteria free- WASH YOUR HANDS- I don't know if I can eat tomorrow- germs and bacteria are not mentioned in the bible- WASH YOUR F'n hands- wherever your from- I try not to even shake hands with people - I don't know where your hands have been- so gross- that should be a law-

sorry it was a long discussion with a chef that does wash and I did not want to know this information-  so gross- please- particularly if you prepare my food- WASH YOUR HANDS



That does it. I'm never eating in a restaurant again.

I'm on twitter and YouTube all the time. I check my YouTube inbox and my twitter @ replies as the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before to bed, as well as constantly whenever I'm at home (aka in my dorm room) and even if I'm in the library sometimes I can't resist - basically if I'm on the internet. XD I watch tons of YouTube fanvideos daily, sometimes atheist vids but usually just fanvideos... and I read lots of tweets daily as well. I do look at this site a lot but it's often seeing @ThinkAtheist tweet out a new discussion post (like this one) that causes me to click and end up here on this site. XD I also sometimes am on reading tons of fanfics. That's pretty common for me as of late... although sometimes I just put the fics on my Kindle to read instead of actually hang out "online" there. Every once in a while I'm on tumblr but it's still new for me so I'm not addicted yet... XD So yeah, tumblr, this site, and then mainly twitter & YouTube. Those 4 really cover it for me, especially the last 2.
The Twitterverse, Youtube, Tumblr for I recently joined Think Atheist just a few minutes ago thanks to StumbleUpon.

Though I consider myself to be a person that doesn't mind social intermingling, I've always had issues with physical mingling, so the internet for me is awesome.


Facebook (because anyone with a facebook knows how addicting that crap is)

LiveJournal (especially the childfree and atheist communities)

Offbeat Bride (I'm planning my wedding, and OBB has a lot of great secular information)

youtube (lots of great atheist/skeptical videos. I also like to keep on top of the arguments of the religious, and those are abundant on YT as well.)

Cracked (Yes! I work really long night shifts, and that site helps the time fly by while also keeping me laughing.)

TalkOrigins (This site is a great reference tool, especially for those who aren't well acquainted with evolution. It is presented primarily to show the debate between creationism and evolution.)

Greta Christina (An atheist blog, the first atheist blog I ever read while I was deconverting. She's an excellent writer- funny, direct, candid and honest.)


I just joined TA a few minutes ago, but I'm pretty sure it will be on my list soon.



Thinkatheist (at the top of the list, of course lol)

Hyperboleandahalf (humorous)

Youtube (I love the general dog chat dog forums)


Scangwinnett (very funny and informative goings on in my local community)


I'm going to try Cracked because I saw someone list it and I love good humorus websites.


1- Facebook
2- Youtube
4- Think Atheist ( from now on ).
here, stumble upon, and thats it
I'm either on Facebook, or I've got my Gooder Reader set up with about 20 or so atheist and science blogs that I will read through almost everyday.
and few random seleceted xxx, porn (do not know proper word about it) sites so I could masturbate while watching videos
bbc (local language)
google chrome for browsing
National language news papers

I'm new to TA and other atheist forums, but I have recently joined:


Why Won't God Heal Amputees? Forum (Quietus)

The Atheist Thinktank Forum (Quietus)

Atheism: (QuietusRock)


Other Forums I am somewhat active on:


Talk Graphics Xara Forum

KnifeDogs Custom Knives

Jerzeedevil "The Only Forum" (Mean bastards talking shit about knives, each other, & everything else) 

ISCA Forum International Society of Caricature Artists

American Mensa Forum



I spend a good bit of time designing and working on web sites and graphics as well as facebook.

I have several blogs including The Daily Agnostic.







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