"Where do you get a moral compass from if you don't have a god?"

I've been lurking around youtube tonight and found this lovely lady. She is incredibly ignorant. I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss our moral compasses, and how diverse our views really are. For example, I am an atheist, an animal rights activist (and vegan), a secularist,  among other things.  While my brother, who is also an atheist, has some pretty opposite views; he fishes and hunts, he's in the army (I don't agree with the war for MANY reasons, but I'm not going to get into that), as well as other things. 

Out of all the stupid, ignorant, and hypocritical things said by theists, this is the one that gets me the most. It's absurd to think that you need some higher power to guide you and tell you what is right from wrong. I actually got into an argument with a classmate about this, who is a crazy christian. I asked her what good she has done for our community or our world, she replied telling me how her and her mom raise money for their church. She reciprocated the question, and I gleefully answered telling her of the hundreds of hours of volunteering I've put into numerous charities and organisations. She was in shock, and needless to say she learned something new about atheists that day.

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The OP.

Seriously... these type of Christians that are determined to "witness" to you always talk like they're reading from the same script and have serious listening issues. I'm really beginning to wonder if my inevitable concussion from all the face-palming is worth talking to these thick-heads.

I am really confused by this question, really.  I don't know what a 'moral compass' is supposed to be.  I know if I have a knife stuck in me, it will hurt.  I know that if I stick a knife in someone else, it will hurt them too.  I know that betrayal is a real feeling. 

Any rational person can conclude that it is just a nice thing to be nice to others and not hurt them emotionally or physically. 

Some people take those same observations and then decide to use them to THEIR advantage, not the other person's. I guess the question comes down to why do what's good when you can get more doing bad? The moral compass is what forces you to do what's good.

Does that help?

I use the ancient Greek philosophy, treat others as I would wish to be treated. It's ridiculous some people need a higher power to keep them in line. Be good because you want to be, not because you'll be sentenced to burn if you aren't

Suppose you're a masochist. How do you apply the principle then? You're kind of back to honoring the way THEY want to be treated then, aren't you?

negros are cultural masochist, they've been taught to be such, I'm not..

You must be an octopus, Shabaka. How can you cram so many feet in your mouth at once?

i don't know why you'd say that..negros are culture masochist..They destroy their African culture almost at every turn, even get some satisfaction demeaning it..

From the dictionary:

2. The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself

I liked you octopus comment..it was irrelevant but cute..

I think that people with a "moral compass" tend to get that from their parents and from the people they interact with and the ideas they are exposed to. In my mind, morals relate more to religious ideas, "I think this is what god wants me to to."

I think that people with ethics tend to get those from their parents and from the people they interact with and the ideas they are exposed to, but that they additionally are more likely to inspect those ideas for worth before taking them on board.

Of course, none of this is absolute.

According to Richard Dawkins in his book the god delusion morals can be a result of evolution since good morals can give species an advantage to those who lack them,seems legit.

If Dawkins ever wrote something I'd have to disagree with, that would be it. If he is saying that about any species other than humans, I'd have to say it's total nonsense. For example, in the case of birds that pair off, the females sometimes "cheat" on their partner, How is that dysfunctional for the species?


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