"Where do you get a moral compass from if you don't have a god?"

I've been lurking around youtube tonight and found this lovely lady. She is incredibly ignorant. I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss our moral compasses, and how diverse our views really are. For example, I am an atheist, an animal rights activist (and vegan), a secularist,  among other things.  While my brother, who is also an atheist, has some pretty opposite views; he fishes and hunts, he's in the army (I don't agree with the war for MANY reasons, but I'm not going to get into that), as well as other things. 

Out of all the stupid, ignorant, and hypocritical things said by theists, this is the one that gets me the most. It's absurd to think that you need some higher power to guide you and tell you what is right from wrong. I actually got into an argument with a classmate about this, who is a crazy christian. I asked her what good she has done for our community or our world, she replied telling me how her and her mom raise money for their church. She reciprocated the question, and I gleefully answered telling her of the hundreds of hours of volunteering I've put into numerous charities and organisations. She was in shock, and needless to say she learned something new about atheists that day.

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that which is unseen..

But I don't know Unseen.. so there's no way I'm going to sync with him. sorry.. 

then you need to sync with Klaers..


Unseen, consider selling something you like.

If that option is available to you, methinks your liking what you're selling will help you connect emotionally with your prospect and help you close the sale.

You've just proven why people with honesty and integrity suck at sales.


You've proven that a salesperson hurt you and you're blaming all salespeople.

Or, you suck at satire.


Regarding all these responses, you've obviously never worked in a high-pressure, numbers-driven sales environment. When a salesman isn't making numbers, his #1 concern becomes "moving iron."

Tom or me? I've never worked sales but I couldn't really respond to him with any certainty because I've never worked sales so I would be operating on educated guesses more or less, but I think you've given a pretty good response. I feel bad for those who subject themselves to empathy sacrificing jobs. Nothing personal against people in sales, I just think your job is unethical.

I was writing to the people in the thread who seem to think that all sales can be done ethically. However, sales is a job that is driven by numbers much of the time. Don't meet your quota and you'll hear about it. Don't meet it again and you may be collecting unemployment. I've heard all the pieties about ethical sales, but all too often it comes down to making your number no matter how. This is less so, I'm sure in the upper reaches of high-ticket technical sales where the customers are at least as sophisticated as the salesperson, but at the consumer level, it's very much built on the model of Glengarry Glen Ross where you are swimming with sharks.

I believe that one's moral compass develops over time.  As a kid and continuing into adulthood, one hears all kinds of believable and off the wall statements.  One chooses those ideas which seem to make sense and amalgamates them into a moral code which is founded on whatever inborn sensitivity and empathy one has. 
Those of us who accept readymade moral systems, such as christianity or islam, are, in my opinion, devoid of, or lacking in, self confidence and also tolerance for ambiguity. 

I guess what I am trying to express here is that morality is a combination of nature and nurture, as with most, if not all,human experience.   And if recent work on other areas of human cognition is a guide, probably the lion's share is hardwired in.

Empathetic morality comes from a physical part of your brain, which if damaged, prevents you from considering the harmfulness of your actions towards others. People suffering from this condition are called sociopaths and will often make decisions using the math/logic center of their brain where normal people would use the empathy center. As it happens, many social animals (esp. mammals) have this same empathetic brain section. Some social animals such as Chimpanzees and Gorillas will nurture injured animals from other species, or even raise their young. Meerkats and prairie dogs will stand guard outside to warn the clan of approaching snakes or birds of prey, even to the point of becoming dinner for another creature.

On the topic of morality and god... what would said religious person do if they were in the shoes of say, the Jewish men depicted in the OT, when Moses/Yaweh required them to slaughter the women and male children of the Midianites and keep the virgin female children for themselves?


I like Richard Dawkin's idea about having a morality created from Intelligent Design.


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